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About Me

I was born and raised at Portland, Oregon. I was raised as Presbyterian when I was young. When I was 6 months old, I had a near-death experience from falling on my head. I had a speech impairment and had difficulty with grammar and reading comprehension. I started school when I was 7 months old. I went to public schools with special ed for speech and learning disability. I was done well on math with A grades.

I have been going to spiritualist church since the early ’70s at the Los Angeles area. Then I lived at Palm Springs for about two years and gone to Church of Religion Science there. When I moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida, I attended Universal Church of the Master. Later, I went to Inner Light Metaphysical Church at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and started to take spiritual development class and I first received healing papers. When I moved to San Diego area in 1982, I continued to do healings at First Christian Spiritualist Church at National City. I have taken all eight degrees of Astara Lessons. I have been a member of the First Spiritualist Church since the early ’90s.

Now I have Auric Healing and Reiki Healing Papers from First Spiritualist Church. I have been doing the website for the church since the mid-’90s. I was treasurer for 13 years. Whenever I visit Portland, I either go to New Era Spiritualist Church near Oregon City and other times at Unity Church at Portland, Oregon.
I have some of my dream experience like the earthquake of San Francisco, attempted assassination of President Regan and eruption of Mt. St. Helens before it happened. I even had the dream about being at Krakatau which I knew it was going to erupt. This appears to be one of my past lives.

I also lead hikes with Walkabout group. I am the member of “Sierra Club,” and Coordinator of “Friends of Chollas Creek.” I have volunteer monthly at Chollas Creek Open Space for cleanup and native plants restoration.

About Lorraine (my wife)

She was born at New Rochelle, New York during the year 1936. In January 1975, she was shot in the head leaving her paralyzed on the right side. She walks with cane and brace. The guy, who was schizophrenic, shot three girls killing one of them. However, he turned himself in and later he hung himself in jail. The time when she was shot in her head, she was expected to spend the rest of her life at the rest home. But she came long ways from that. That's really a miracle. She like classical music and soft rock. Her favorite TV shows are Figure Skating, Gymnastic, and main dramas like "Dr. Quinn" and "Touched By an Angel." I met Lorraine late in 1978 about three years after she was shot. We got married in December of 1979. On October of 2003, my wife had breast cancer. It was caught early and had not spread. Back in December 2016, Lorraine went to for assisted living due to a declining health condition. She fully in wheelchair bound and gotten much worst saying out her words and early stage of dementia.

Right now, My mobile home which I live needs to be painted by the end of May 2019. I couldn't afford to get this done due to living on limited fixed income and high in credit card debt. At San Diego area where I live are not giving out grants for senior and no grants are available. I created the Go Fund Me.

Me and Lorraine Me and Lorraine at Church

Left are me and my wife Lorraine where we live and above is me and Lorraine at the church. We got married on December 23rd, 1979 at Fort Lauderdale Florida.

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Things I do

 I do monthly volunteer at Chollas Creek Open Space Preserve. doing trash cleanup, remove invasive non-native plans, restore with native plants and trail maintenance.

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 I do lead hikes with Walkabout International on a wilderness hike. I do with the group from Walkabout International and Sierra Club.

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I do take Gentle Yoga mostly on Mondays, I go to and I use Silver Sneakers for this Exercise center.

I went to Washington High at Portland, Oregon graduated in 1963. This high school closed in 1981and now it had been restored and now is Revolution Hall. Folk and pop singer Joan Baez performed one night there  on November 2018