Me and my wife Lorraine
This photo was taken at Mobile Home Park at San Diego where we live here now.


mermaidI was born at Portland, Oregon during the year 1944. It took me about seven years to develop my speech. I always have problems with grammar, reading and communication skills. However, I always do well on math and well on hiking. I always have problems with my coordination and my left side is always weaker. My parents told me about speech and learning disability. Several mediums from different locations had ask me about falling on my head when I was 6 months old. Couple of them asked me about near death experience when I was 6 months old. I did pendulum test and it did confirm about my near death experience. I have written these inspirations while I went hiking. Some of these have been published. The fan fiction stories which I have written for my web site are done on WordPerfect and Microsoft Word  using a grammar checker. That is really handy for me. I use Dreamweaver to do rest of my web site. I even created the graphic images of  Warp Drive Engine and Warp Field Generator which you probably heard on Star Trek (I did not draw the USS Enterprise). If you are interesting to publish these Inspirations, please send me an e-mail. The Nature's Commandments had been written during one of my hiking trip. I even sent it to President Clinton hoping to get them at National Parks and forests.  I enjoy is hiking especially with the group. I attend Tai Chi twice a week and Aerobics once a week at the health club. I usually do lap swims after hike, Tai Chi and aerobics at the health spa. The music that I enjoy are classical, oldies, which were hits back in 50's- 70's, and some older country music like those back in 50's - 70's. My favorite TV shows are "Star Trek," "Touched By an Angel" and mostly sci-fi, fantasy and sword-sorcery. December of 2003, I had been having a slow heart rate that lasted for two months. My pulse was between 37 and 48 pulse per second. I didn’t have much energy to do anything. It took me all that time to get to Cardiologist which was about the middle of February. It turned out to be a heart block. It was a blockage between upper and a lower chamber. He put me in the hospital right away to get the pacemaker. I thought I wouldn’t able to hike again, but the doctor told me that I would and actually be stronger with a pacemaker. Now I’m back doing my full day hike twice a week just like I did before. I also doing some lap swim at our place where I live and do aerobics at the health club. During that two months, our church did a prayer circle, got a Reiki Healing, Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic and even acupuncture. I believe the angels what really saves me for that two months till I got the pacemaker.


Video on my NDE


She was born at New Rochelle, New York during the year 1936. In January 1975, she was shot in the head leaving her paralyzed on the right side. She walks with cane and brace. The guy, who was schizophrenic, shot three girls killing one of them. However, he turned himself in and later he hung himself in jail. The time when she was shot in her head, she was expected to spend rest of her life at the rest home. But she came long ways from that. That's really a miracle. She like classical music and soft rock. Her favorite TV shows are Figure Skating, Gymnastic, and mainly dramas like "Dr. Quinn" and "Touched By an Angel." I met Lorraine late in 1978 about three years after she was shot. We got married on December of 1979. On October of 2003, my wife had a breast cancer. It was caught early and had not spread.