Star Trek Physics

Warp Field Generator Image created by William Babcock

This Warp Field Generator is capable of converting neutrino rays into warp flux density. The warp flux density is used to drive a Warp Drive Engine.

To determine the warp flux density, this is a formula:
equation   p is amount of warp flux density in futrons
  q is amount of charge in nucrons
  n is number of neutrino rays entering chute
  m is the mass of neutrino ray in ortron

What is the warp flux density when
q is 0.0000042 nucrons with a mass of 0.0000058 ortrons when 21 neutrino rays are entering into the chute?

Sample Calculation for Relativistic Energy

Albert Einstein had came up with the formula for Relativistic Energy. This is the way to determine the energy when traveling in the Warp Speed.

Mass of USS Atlantis = 8x1011Kg
Velocity = warp speed 10

Since the Relativistic Energy is an imaginary number. You might be traveling in the wormhole or in black hole.

Slip Stream Theory

Chief O'Brien came up with a new theory regarding to Slip Stream. The Federation was experimenting with the Slip Stream Drive.

equation  s = Distance throughout the Slip Stream in Light Years.
  t = Time it took to travel through the Slip Stream.
  v = Velocity through the Slip Stream at Warp Speed.

To find velocity with unknown "s" and "t", Differentiate this equation 3 time
Therefore, velocity through the Slip Stream is constant Warp Speed 72

Multiplication of Tribbles

Dr. Bashir came up with the formula for the multiplication of tribbles. When Q started with 2 tribbles, Dr. Bashir came up to see how many tribbles on the USS Atlantis. This is how many tribbles on USS Atlantis for 24 hours.

equation  T = Total number of tribbles.
  To = Tribbles that started with.
  k = Constant tribble factor which is 0.45
  t = Time that tribbles multiplied in hours.