Star Trek: Atlantis -- Those Blasted Borgs!

By: William Babcock


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Rated PG-13

The USS Atlantis got an urgent message from the Ambassador. The Ambassador was coming through the communications on the screen.  The Ambassador said through communications, "There was a report of violence at the Deep Space Nine Station. We have received an urgent call about attack at Deep Space Nine Station. You must go to investigate that."

Captain Kira called in for a brief meeting with several other crew members. Captain Kira said, "We must go to DS9 to investigate whatever is happening there. Get on the double! Go to Warp Speed 20!"

The USS Atlantis was going on Warp Speed 20 toward the DS9 Station. As the starship approached the DS9 station, they slowed back to normal speed. There were several cubical shaped Borg Ship near the DS9 Station. The voice from a Borg Ship said through communication, "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

The captain ordered, "Engage cloaking device! Go to Red Alert! "

Four more Borg Ships came through the wormhole and were docking at DS9 Station. The captain called back to Ambassador and reported this incident. Captain Kira said to the Ambassador through communications, "We have very bad news about DS9. I'm afraid the DS9 Station is being assimilated by the Borg. We must put that station in auto-destruct mode."

The Ambassador voice replied, "Just remember, the destruct should be done as a last resort. You must discuss that with Admiral Sisko. Just remember, whenever you destroy the DS9 Station, the wormhole will be permanently sealed."

The captain called for a briefing to discuss putting DS9 into destruct mode. Admiral Sisko said, "This is going to be a risky job. We will have to beam ourselves down to DS9 Station. The only way to do that is to have us go undetected."

Odo replied, "I can really change myself into Borg. This way, they'll think that I am a Borg."

Captain Kira replied, "That should be a good idea. That way, they'll think we are going to get assimilated. Let's all get down to transporter room. Let's move our ship under the DS9 so they may not see us when we decloak our ship."

Odo had shape-shifted into a Borg. Captain Kira, Admiral Sisko and Odo were beamed down to DS9 station. Captain Kira was shocked to see DS9 assimilated by the Borg. They saw Borg walking everywhere on the DS9 station. The captain was horrorified when she saw the rest of the crew being assimilated, watching nanoprobes coming out from their body. Captain Kira said, "Oh my God! The whole crew is being assimilated."

Odo replied, "Don't look! We must concentrate on the destruct sequence. There are many more Borg coming around the corner. Let me grab both of your arms so they'll think I am taking you to the assimilation room."

They got to the computer console. Admiral Sisko commanded the computer, "This is Admiral Sisko. Code number is 437TR5. Auto-destruct 67TR8."

Captain Kira also commanded the computer, "This is Captain Kira. Code number 97EW8. Auto-destruct 75EW3."

Odo also commanded the computer, "This is security chief Odo. Code number 49YH4. Auto-destruct 65YH2."

The computer voice said, "Auto-destruct ready. Give the time in minutes."

Admiral Sisko said to computer, "Set for ten minutes. Begin countdown."

Odo and Captain Kira said same thing to the computer for destruct mode. Captain Kira said through communication, "Three to beam up."

After they got beamed back to the USS Atlantis, they noticed the wormhole opened and more Borg cubical ships were coming through. Captain Kira said, "Engage cloaking device! Shields up! The station is going to blow in two minutes. Lets get the hell out of here."

The voice of one of the Borg from DS9 Station said, "There's something counting in that station. Listen to that."

Countdown voice said, "15, 14, 13, 12,..."

Captain Kira said, "Go to Warp Speed 14."

Just as soon as the USS Atlantis got on Warp Speed, the crew watched the destruction of DS9. All of a sudden, the station was blown to smithereens. The wormhole collapsed trapping the rest of Borg in the wormhole. It was powerful enough to destroy the rest of Borg Ships near the station.

The USS Atlantis continued on Warp Speed 14 for about four hours. Then it had gone back to normal speed. Captain Kira said to an ambassador through communication, "I do regret about blowing up the Deep Space Nine Station. The Borg got way out of control. Everyone in that station was assimilated. It was beyond our control."

The ambassador replied through communication, "Well done captain. We'll consider that the crew on DS9 died in honor. After all, they should be free from assimilation."

A memorial service was held on holodeck four. Admiral Sisko was doing the honors after he went through his emissary. Admiral Sisko said, "We are gathered for the crew that had perished from DS9 Station. Those souls are now free from assimilation by the Borg. Those are being served for operation of Deep Space Nine after we left that station."

Lwaxana came to Admiral Sisko's quarters. Lwaxana said, "You really should do some good exercises. How about you coming to the spa with me. I just get lonely by myself."

Admiral Sisko replied, "I'll meet you there about fifteen minutes. I just need to change."

Both Lwaxana and Admiral Sisko were paddling on stationary bikes for about thirty minutes. After they were sweaty from exercise, Lwaxana suggested, "Now lets go in for a swim."

Captain Sisko replied, "I'll go in as soon I get my bathing suit on."

Lwaxana replied, "You don't need bathing suit. We Betazoids never wear one to swim."

Both Lwaxana and Admiral Sisko were skinny dipping in the swimming pool. Both Dr. Bashir and Ezri Dax joined in to swim. After about half an hour in the pool, they all went into the mud bath.

The End