Star Trek: Atlantis -- Starship Atlantis First Mission

by: William Babcock


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Rated PG

The new USS Atlantis B was getting ready to go on the mission. The USS Atlantis A had been destroyed during the war with Dominion killing the whole crew. The crew from Deep Space 9 Station was getting ready to board the starship. Benjamin Sisko's rank became Admiral and Kira became the Captain of USS Atlantis. Admiral Benjamin Sisko, Captain Kira Nerys, Dr. Julian Bashir, Lieutenant Ezri Dax, Miles O'Brien, Garak, and Jake Sisko were part of the crew of USS Atlantis. Commander Worf decided to return to the Enterprise. Lwaxana Troi came to visit and were going on the first mission. Hundreds more crew members also boarded that starship.

Chief O'Brien had completed the retraining course for the new Warp Drive Engine. O'Brien said to Benjamin, "This is the new kind of Warp Drive Engine. This is called a Momentum Engine which replaced the Impulse Engine on the Atlantis A. This new design is capable of reaching Warp Speed 20. This is twice the speed of the Impulse Engine. It is also capable of travel through time at a rate up to 100 years per second. This starship also has a cloaking device."

Benjamin commented, "The Federation has given us the guidelines for use of the cloaking device. It should be cloaked only if there is any enemy. It is not to be used to enter the Neutral Zone or to enter Romulan Territory."

Lwaxana and Dr. Bashir were walking down the hallway to the holodeck. Lwaxana said to Julian, "How would you like to do something in the holodeck?"

Dr. Bashir replied, "That's sounds good. What should we program?"

Lwaxana commented, "When I visit the Enterprise, my favorite program is a mud bath. Let's program that and we could both go in."

Dr. Bashir replied, "This sounds healthy. I just need to get my bathing suit."

Lwaxana said, "You don't need bathing suit, just come on in. I don't wear anything in a mud bath."

Both Lwaxana and Julian were romancing in the mud bath while relaxing. Both Ezri and Jake entered the holodeck. Ezri said, "Julian, what are you doing with her? Don't you remember that you promised to get together with me?"

Julian replied, "You know how those Betazoids are. I didn't plan that. How about you join in?"

Lwaxana asked Jake, "You could join us too."

Both Jake and Ezri joined the mud bath. Julian took Ezri's hand to join in and Lwaxana took Jake's hand to join in. Captain Kira came into the holodeck and said, "We've got work to do. End Program! Please put your clothes on. We are going to get Odo."

Captain Kira went to the bridge and checked the settings on the control panels. Admiral Sisko came to the bridge. Benjamin asked, "Why do you want to get Odo?"

Captain Kira replied, "He's really a fine security officer. He can investigate anything by shape-shifting himself into anything."

Benjamin replied, "I think you are doing that because you are in love with him."

Captain Kira replied, "Yes that's true. Go to Warp Speed 14."

The USS Atlantis was now on Warp Speed 14. So far, it was running smoothly. Lwaxana came to the bridge and said to Benjamin, "I can't wait to see Odo. I sure would like to link with him."

Benjamin replied, "I can't guarantee that this is going to happen."

Captian Kira commented to Lwaxana, "Think about what you are going to do. I'm already in love with him."

Lwaxana asked Benjamin, "Where can I find a good-looking man?"

Benjamin replied, "You just have to look for them yourself. You might try holodeck three. There is something going on there."

The USS Atlantis reduced to normal speed. They were getting close to the planet where Odo lived. Captain Kira and Lieutenant Ezri beamed down. Odo came out of the changeling lake and shape-shifted back to himself. Captain Kira said to Odo, "How would you like to join us again. I'm the captain of USS Atlantis. In fact, you can link with me."

Odo replied, "Yes I'll join. I even missed you. Let's link together."

Odo linked with Kira for a few minutes. After linking, Captain Kira said, "Three to beam up."

After they got beamed back to USS Atlantis, Admiral Benjamin, Garak, Chief O'Brien and Lwaxana came and greeted him.

After Odo got aboard, Atlantis started to head back. Three dominion ships approached Atlantis. A voice from one of the Dominion ship said, "Surrender! We are not done with you yet."

Captain Kira replied, "The war is over! You just go back where you belong."

The voice from the Dominion said, "If you don't surrender, we are going to fire."

Captain Kira said to the officers of Atlantis, "Shields up! Fire phasers! Target their engine only!"

The Atlantis fired her phasers to disable the engine. One of the Dominion ships fired back at Atlantis. The Atlantis fired again at the Dominion ships. Captain Kira said to the officers of Atlantis, "Engage Cloaking Device! Go to Warp Speed 20!"

Admiral Sisko said, "Good job, Captain. We need to report that violation to the Federation. Where did >you get that cat?"

Odo shaped-shifted back from a cat to himself. Odo commented, "I'm just checking to see your performance. I say that you are doing very well. I'll get that report of the violation of those Dominion to Federation. I just hope that we don't have another war with them."

Starship Atlantis travelled at Warp Speed 20 for about an hour and then went back to normal speed. Atlantis also decloaked. Captain Kira called Lwaxana and she came to the bridge. Captain Kira said to Lwaxana, "You are now a full member of the USS Atlantis. Welcome aboard."

Lwaxana replied, "Thanks, Captain, I'm happy to serve you. How about having a party at the holodeck. Chief O'Brien helped me to program a health spa. There are all kinds of exercises. You can do aerobics, weight lifting and  you can even do Yoga and stretching. There are also swimming pool, saunas, steam and my favorite ... mud baths!"

Admiral Sisko replied, "That's sounds good. Let's meet in about half an hour."

Admiral Sisko, Captain Kira, Jake, Ezri, and Lwaxana were relaxing at the mud bath. Odo entered the holodeck. Odo said, "This looks exciting, but  I don't think I could join in with you."

Lwaxana replied, "Computer, program a bucket in this mud bath. OK, Odo, you just could go in that bucket in your liquid state."

Odo went into his liquid form into the bucket. Captain Kari said, "If you don't mind Lwaxana, I would like to be next to that bucket."

Lwaxana replied, "I'll go next to Ben."

Dr. Bashir entered the holodeck. Ezri said, "Come on in Julian. Come next to me."

Now in this mud bath; Julian was next to Ezri, Benjamin was next to Lwaxana and Captain Kira was next to Odo in the bucket. Jake said, "I think I'll go and find myself a gal."

The End