Star Trek: Atlantis -- Trouble with Q and Trelane

By: William Babcock


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Rated PG-13

The USS Atlantis was heading back to space station near Earth. Q had returned again. This time he came with Trelane. Q had controlled the USS Atlantis and went back in time to the 23rd century. The USS Enterprise was there. Q snapped his fingers and all of suddenly; the crew from USS Atlantis and USS Enterprise were at Gothos. The Captain Kira Nerys said to Captain Kirk, "I'm the captain of USS Atlantis from the 24th century. Q just had taken control of our ships. He had been in and out of our lives."

Chief Miles O'Brian said to Captain Kirk, "I just recognized this place. This is the first time Q brought us here when we were on Enterprise D with Captain Picard. Q was trying to condemn us through his courtroom."

Captain James T. Kirk replied, "We were here with Trelane doing the same kind of thing. This is known as Gothos."

Trelane said, "Q is my son who was born at the beginning of the 24th century. Gothos is the center of Q Continuum.  I taught him to use the powers to run the Q Continuum. Now it's time for our fun"

Q and Trelane opened the courtroom at Gothos. Q had accused Admiral Sisko and Captain Nerys of blowing up the DS9 station, while Trelane had accused Captain Kirk of blowing up the USS Enterprise and bringing Spock back to life and misusing the 'Project Genesis.' Q had just started a court session. Q said to Benjamin Sisko and Kira Nerys, "You are accused of murdering at least 100 Borg at the Deep Space 9 station. You are also accused of destruction of the Deep Space 9 station. You also destroyed the wormhole so that no more Borg ships could enter there."

Admiral Sisko replied, "We had to do that to protect us from being assimilated. Unfortunately, we had to destroy the DS9 station since the whole station was assimilated."

Kira replied, "We are not allowing the Borg to assimilate our galaxy. It's up to us to protect the inhabitants of all the planets in our galaxy."

Q said, "You two are guilty as charged. Both of you are charged with murdering all of the Borg at the stations. At least both of you have one hundred counts of charges. Both of you are also charged of the destruction of the Deep Space 9 station as well as closing the wormhole permanently. I am sentencing both of you to death by hanging. The sentence will begin at sunrise tomorrow."

Kira replied, "This is an outrage."

Q snapped his finger and both Sisko and Kira were in the cage of that courtroom. Trelane was going toward the judge's chair. Trelane said to Captain Kirk, "You are accused of murdering Klingons by destroying the Enterprise. I am also accusing you of bringing Spock back to life and even misusing the 'Project Genesis.' It is forbidden to bring anyone back from the dead."

Captain Kirk replied, "I have no choice but to destroy our own >Enterprise. Those Klingons had killed my son. Those Klingons were stealing the 'Project Genesis.' They would use 'Genesis' for a weapon of destruction."

Now Q is doing the sentence. Q said to Captain Kirk, "You are guilty of murdering the Klingons. You are guilty of destruction of the USS Enterprise and misusing the 'Project Genesis.' I am sentencing you 50 lashes with my new phasor whip. You will be executed by hanging tomorrow at sunrise along with the other two."

Q snapped his fingers and Captain Kirk was now in a cage with the other two. Trelane said to Q, "Let me use your phasor whip. I would enjoy flogging Kira before her hanging."

Q replied, "Let's flog all of them now. We will have fun with this new phasor whip."

Q snapped his finger shortly after flogging them and next thing is that they were at the lithium mine at Rigel XII. Harry Mudd along with three women was there. The three women were Ruth, Eve and Magda. Q said to all the crew on USS Atlantis and USS Enterprise, "I decided that rather than hang all three of you, you all will be slaves for the lithium crystal mine. Harry Mudd is your slavemaster."

Harry Mudd said, "Captain Kirk, it's nice to meet you again. Welcome back to Rigel XII."

Captain Kirk replied, "You belong to the penal colony. It should been done long time ago."

Trelane said, "It's time to return to Gothos to my castle. We'll have our party there for tonight."

Trelane snapped his finger and all the crew from both USS Atlantis and USS Enterprise were at his castle. Eve took Kirk's hand and said to him, "Remember me, I wanted to marry you when we met last time."

Captain Kirk replied, "Sorry Eve, my responsibility is to be a captain of USS Enterprise."

Lwaxana Troi looked at Scotty as a sexually attractive person. Lwaxana took his hand and said, "I just couldn't take my eyes off you. Let's get with that party. I'm from USS Atlantis of the 24th century and I'm single."

Scotty replied, "You are attractive also. I'm the engineer of USS Enterprise. Too bad I'm from a different time."

Jake Sisko had his eyes on Nurse Chapel. Jake asked, "Can you join the party with me?"

Nurse Chapel took his hand and replied, "Sure I'll come with you."

Ruth was attracted to Odo. Ruth suspected Odo was a changeling. Ruth asked, "I believe that you are a changeling. I have met changelings before and it felt good to me especially in liquid form."

Odo replied, "Talking about the liquid form, I will have to go into a bucket in a few minutes so I can survive. Can you get me a bucket? I must go into a liquid form."

Ruth replied, "I'm afraid there is no bucket around here. I'll hold my dress as a bucket and you just get yourself into a liquid form."

Odo shape shifted himself into Ruth's dress into his liquid form. Ruth said to herself, "I really enjoy holding a changeling."

Magda went to Benjamin Sisko asked him, "Let's party together."

Benjamin replied, "That's sounds good."

Harry Mudd took Kira hand and said, "You are very attracted to me. Let's have fun at our party."

Kira replied, "We'll party tonight but Odo might not like it."

Harry replied, "Odo is busy romancing Ruth for tonight."

Trelane snapped his fingers and a band appeared at his castle. Lots of people were dancing together while the band played the music. Everyone was enjoying the party. After a while, everyone was kissing each others and going into romancing. Lwaxana said to Scotty, "Something I would enjoy is for us to get into the mud bath together."

Q snapped his fingers and both Lwaxana and Scotty were in the mud bath together romancing. They were amazed when Q did that. Q was watching both of them. Q said, "You asked for it and that's what you get."

Lwaxana asked, "How would you like to join us on the USS Atlantis?"

Scotty replied, "I'm afraid I can't leave the >Enterprise, but I am enjoying being with you tonight. This mud bath really relaxes me."

Jake and Nurse Chapel were dancing and then romancing together, so were Benjamin and Magda.. Harry and Kira were romancing and Harry took Kira into a private room. When they entered the room, there was a cat in that room. Harry said, "I wonder who that cat belongs to."

The cat shape shifted back to Odo. Odo said to Harry, "You're under arrest. You are charged with conspiracy to sell the lithium crystals into black markets. You also are charged with running a slave operation at the lithium mine."

Q suddenly appeared and clapped his hands and said, "How about telling Kira that you were romancing with Ruth. I'm charging both you and Kira with cheating. Now its time to flog both of you with a phasor whip."

Kira replied, "Q, you better cut out that crap. You get all of us out of this hellhole place."

Q snapped his fingers and all of sudden the crew from both the USS Atlantis and USS Enterprise were at the dungeon. Both Q and Trelane were sitting at the judges chair. Harry Mudd came in with both Uhura and Lwaxana. Harry said, "I'm choosing both of them for my wives. I'll have two more wives to be with me at lithium mines along with Eve, Ruth and Magda."

Odo shape shifted from a chair which Harry was sitting on. He even put handcuffs on Harry. Odo said, "This time I'm adding a new charge for marrying more than one woman. Q and Trelane, you get all of us out of Q Continuum and get us back on our ships."

All of sudden, all the crews including those from the USS Enterprise were on the USS Atlantis. Benjamin Sisko took the crew from USS Enterprise around this ship. Captain Kirk was amazed about the Warp Drive engine that would go on the warp speed 20, and that it has holodecks and even a cloaking device. Odo had put Harry Mudd in the brig. Scotty came with Lwaxana and Jake with Nurse Chapel. Captain Kirk said, "Scotty, I'm afraid that some of you will have to separate yourself and Lwaxana. Lwaxana, it's against the regulation to have your blouse open outside your quarters on the ship."

Scotty replied, "I just had the best time. I really enjoyed myself with a Betazoid woman."

Lwaxana replied, "Every time I find a nice looking man, I get dumped because he either comes from different time or different galaxy. Before all of you go, why don't we have a mud bath party?"

Kira replied, "We have one for an hour and all of you can relax yourselves. This time Odo, I'll even have a bucket for you in the mud bath."

The mud bath party started in hallodeck. The crew from both Enterprise and Atlantis were in the mud bath. Lwaxana and Scotty were enjoying themselves last time before leaving. Nurse Chapel and Jake were also enjoying themselves before leaving. Lwaxana said to Scotty, "When you do retire from Enterprise, how about you to come into my century and be with me?"

Scotty replied, "It would be a miracle if that happens. Maybe we will meet again."

Captain Kirk and his crew beamed back to Enterprise. Harry Mudd had been transferred to the USS Enterprise brig. The USS Enterprise suddenly disappeared and Q appeared on USS Atlantis and brought a letter and photos from Nurse Chapel. It was for Jake Sisko. Q said to Jake, "Congratulation! You have a new born son."

Jake read the letter from Nurse Chapel and the letter said, "I got pregnant during that time at Gothos and I named the baby Bob. Please come back to my time and visit me. Dr. Leonard McCoy had passed away last week. Now I'm trained to be a doctor for the USS Enterprise. Love, Nurse Christine Chapel."

Q had finally vanished and everything went back to normal. Benjamin checked the log back in the 23rd century and found that Jake does have a son. Jake's son, Bob, had grown up and became an engineer on the warp drive system. Harry Mudd had spent 50 years at the penal colony.

The End

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