Star Trek: Atlantis -- Q-ibbles Over Tribbles

By: William Babcock


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Rated PG

Ares and Joxer from Xena. Names were used from a previous fanfiction crossover story. You might like to read that fanfiction story Star Trek: TNG/Xena crossover

Julian and Ezri were romancing in their quarters during this evening. They were enjoying their romance while having wine. They were holding their hands and kissing each other. All of sudden, Q appeared. Ezri said angrily to Q, "Just how did you get in and what do you want?"

Julian said, "He is called Q and he comes from the Q Continuum. He came to Deep Space Nine station several years ago. He's a big troublemaker. OK, Q! You can just go back to your Q Continuum."

Q replied, "Before I go, I have a tribble for you. This would make this a wonderful pet."

Q handed a tribble to Ezri and tribble was making a cooing sound. Q than vanished from their quarters. Ezri said, I wonder how a tribble gets around without eyes. This thing is really cute."

Julian replied, "There's one problem with them. They multiply rapidly and next thing you know, they'll be all over the ship. This incident happened at Deep Space Nine station. Last century, it started at Space Station K-7 where someone bought a tribble. Then they multiplied from eating grain. We did travel back in time to Space Station K-7. This was when Captain Kirk was there. When the grain ran out, tribbles died from starvation. When we got back to DS9, some of the tribbles came and multiplied all over the station"

Lwaxana was doing aerobics at the holodeck. Q suddenly appeared and joined the aerobics with Lwaxana. Lwaxana said, "Well Q almighty, what are you doing here?"

Q replied, "I came to join with your exercise. I believe I remember you on the Enterprise. That was when I came with Ares. Let's hop into a mud bath."

Q magically got Lwaxana and himself into a mud bath. The tribble suddenly appeared on Q's hand and it was cooing. Q said, "This tribble is for you. This makes a wonderful pet."

Lwaxana replied, "This tribble is cute and I sure love this one. I remember Joxer from that visit on the Enterprise. I wish you had brought him back. He was cute."

Q replied, "I'm afraid he's now living back few thousand centuries ago."

Odo and Captain Kira were both at the bridge and Chief O'Brien arrived there. Q suddenly appeared on bridge and he snapped his fingers bringing Odo, Kira and Chief O'Brien to Q Continuum. There were at least 100 tribbles in the Q Continuum. Chief O'Brien said, "Q! Where did you get those tribbles?"

Q replied, "I got them from Space Station K-7. I traveled back to the last century to that station. I was going to play havoc with Captain Kirk, but I got fascinated with tribbles instead. Besides, I could use them against the Klingons. If you beamed tribbles to Klingon's ships, you could really wipe the Klingons out or they might make meals with the tribbles. Tribbles are really a perfect weapons against Klingons. How about beaming them to Borg Ship?"

Chief O'Brien commented, "We had tribbles at DS9 station after we traveled back in time to Space Station K-7. They multiplied out of control. We did beamed them to a Borg Ship when they were coming to assimilate the DS9 crew. But the tribbles got assimilated from doing that. They even beamed back the Borg tribbles to DS9. This even caused us more problems."

Captain Kira said, "I'm going to hold you responsible if tribbles get all over our ship. You just get us back to our ship."

Q snapped his finger again and they were back to Atlantis. Dr. Bashir called over the intercom and said, "Please come to Sick Bay. We've got tribbles all over the Sick Bay. Ezri started with one tribble yesterday and now there must be at least 50 of them at Sick Bay."

Captain Kira said angrily, "Q! I'm holding you responsible for that."

Q snapped his fingers again and now a courtroom seemed to appear. Q was dressed up like a judge. There were three tribbles on his desk. Q said, "I'm charging you for animal cruelty against tribbles. You are guilty as charged. I sentence you to hang immediately."

Q snapped his fingers and a gallows appeared with a noose around her neck. One of the tribble was Odo and he shaped-shifted back to himself. Odo said, "Q! You better release Captain Kira or I'll ring your neck."

Q snapped his fingers again and they were all back on board the Atlantis. They were all at the bridge with two tribbles. The tribbles were cooring at the control panel on bridge. Garak came to bridge with five tribbles. Garak said, "I got those from the replicator when I tried to get food. In fact, it was replicating the grains."

Lwaxana came to bridge with a box of ten tribbles. Lwaxana said, "I got one from Q and I ended up with more of them. They are adorable creatures. I love their sound."

Captain Kira replied, "Sorry Lwaxana, we are going to get rid of them before they get all over our ship. Q! Pick up those tribbles and get them off of our ship."

A cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey was coming toward the Atlantis. The Klingon Bird of Prey decloaked and was visible on the screen. The voice from Klingon Ship said, "Surrender your vessel! We are the warriors."

Captain Kira replied, "You are in the violation of the Federation. We have a peace treaty with the Klingons."

The captain ordered, "Go to Red Alert! Shields Up!"

The Klingons fired photon torpedoes at the Atlantis, but her shields prevented damage though the ship trembled. The captain ordered, "Fire photon torpedoes! Target their weaponry!"

The torpedoes disabled the weaponry. Q said, "Why don't you just beam tribbles to them since tribbles hate Klingons. Use them for weapons against the Klingons."

The transporter room was loaded with tribbles. Chief O'Brien was working in the transporter room. Chief O'Brien said, "There must be at least 100 tribbles here. I'm beaming them onto the Klingon Bird of Prey."

Captain Kira replied, "Go ahead Miles. Let's give it to them."

The tribbles were beamed to the Klingon ship. They growled at them since they hated Klingons. The voice from Klingon Bird of Prey said, "You just get those damn fuzzy things off our ship!"

One of the other Klingon commented, "I've got better idea. Let's make a meal with them."

Another Klingon voice said, "We die in honor."

There were over 10,000 tribbles on the Atlantis. The tribbles were all over the control panels on the bridge. The Klingon Bird of Prey just exploded. Captain Kira said, "I'll bet they used self destruct so they can die in honor."

Q commented, "I told you that those tribbles would be some good weapons against Klingons."

Captain Kira replied, "OK Q! Now I want you to pick up every tribbles and get them off our ship. You just go back to your Q Continuum. You just leave now with all your tribbles."

The Q and all of the tribbles vanished from the Atlantis and the ship and crew returned to normal. The USS Atlantis continued onto into its next mission.

The End

Sound of Tribble Cooring