Star Trek: Atlantis/The Legend of William Tell crossover
William Tell's a Tale of Dax

By: William Babcock


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Rated PG

Jake Sisko came back to the USS Atlantis and Deanna Troi came to visit her mother, Lwaxana, for three weeks. Lwaxana hugged Deanna and said "Welcome aboard. I'm glad to see you. I'm really enjoying myself on the Atlantis."

Deanna replied, "I'm still happy to be on the Enterprise. William Riker asked me to marry me. We have been in love for quite some time."

Lwaxana replied, "It's about time for you to get married and settle down. I'm still trying to find myself a man."

Benjamin came and hugged Jake. Benjamin said, "How's your training coming along?"

Jake replied, "I'm learning a lot about engineering. I even got onto a baseball team."

Ezri came to greet the guest and suddenly she passed out. Benjamin called Dr. Bashir to get Ezri too sick bay. Dr. Bashir checked her out and found that her symbiont had died and left her in a coma. Dr. Bashir said, "The only way to save Ezri is to find a new symbiont. We'd better find one fast."

The ambassador came onto the screen and announced the bad news. The ambassador said, "There had been some kind of epidemic that effected Trills. Every Trill in this galaxy has suddenly gone into a coma and it turned out that the symbiont has died. This remains a mystery."

All of sudden, a strange lady appeared that looked a lot like a nun. She said, "Don't be afraid. I am Kalem from several centuries ago. What has happened to Daxes was that a curse was placed on Aruna and those generations of Trills. It was Kreel that placed a curse on Aruna. Aruna was the first lady that started the family of Trills. We need your help. We must go back in time to save Aruna. Once that Aruna is saved, the other Trills in this galaxy will regain consciousness. If that doesn't get done in three days, the Trills will be extinct and the history will change."

The USS Atlantis went into warp speed 15 and was going back in time several centuries. After the starship got to the right time, the Captain Nerys announced, "Go to normal speed. Since we are in the primitive time, we must cloak our ship. Engage cloaking device.  We must change our costumes to suit that time."

Kalem said, "We need as many of you as can help. Kreel is trying to run his evil empire. We may have to fight him. William Tell is trying to do everything to help Aruna."

Jake replied, "I have heard that William Tell was a legend. So he is real. So he really had shot the apples off people's heads with his crossbow."

Captain Kira Nerys, Jake Sisko, Dr. Bashir, Odo, Lwaxana and Deanna Troi have beamed down. William Tell, Xax, Drogo and Alexim greeted them. William Tell said, "Kalem had informed us about helping Aruna. She has been unconscious for a while. We'll take you to the tent."

When they got inside the tent, Dr. Bashir ran his scanner over Aruna. Dr. Bashir said, "It's the symbiont inside her body that caused her to be unconscious. We need to find another symbiont. There must be a symbiont somewhere, and we could find it."

William Tell replied, "I have no knowledge about the symbiont. I thought Aruna was an ordinary person from another race."

Dr. Bashir replied, "There must be a village around here where Aruna lived before."

Kalem materialized and said, "I found Aruna years ago from a crashed vessel when she was a baby. Her parents were dead so I took care of her until she grew up and got with Will. She really came from a different world. I see Kreel coming with his troops. We must stay inside the tent since I will make it invisible so Kreel and his troops won't see it."

After Kreel and his troops passed, Kalem made the tent visible again. Jake asked, "Did you get the cloaking device from a wrecked ship and use it to cloak the tent?"

Kalem replied, "No, I only use magic to make this tent invisible. There might be some of those creatures near the wreckage which would get her a new symbiont."

Kalem, Dr. Bashir, Jake, Captain Kira decided to go out to find the wreckage and, hopefully, to find a symbiont for Aruna. The rest stayed at the tent. Lwaxana asked Alexim, "Is there any place we could walk around?"

Alexim replied, "There is a lake near here. Let's walk to the lake."

After they got to the lake, both Lwaxana and Alexim got attracted to each other. For a while, they were holding hands and then kissed each other. Lwaxana said, "Lets go in for a swim."

Alexim replied, "This would be a nice day for swimming."

They went skinny dipping in the lake for a while and Deanna and Xax came to the lake. Deanna said, "Mother, it's time to get out. I hope you are not romancing someone from different time. You know that's not going to last."

Lwaxana replied, "We are just enjoying ourselves. Why don't both of you come in for a swim?"

Deanna replied, "No, its time to go back and help Aruna. Beside, he is in the wrong time for you."

Xax said to Deanna, "I think they fell in love."

Deanna replied, "My mother always will fall in love with any man she gets attracted to. It's always the one that is far distance or in a different time. It will never last anyway.

Kalem, Dr. Bashir, Jake and Captain Kira returned with a symbiont for Aruna. Dr. Bashir removed the old symbiont from Aruna and replaced it with a new symbiont. About an hour later, Aruna became conscious. Aruna asked, "What  really happened to me? I remember that I was enjoying the walk by the lake and somehow I must have blacked out."

Dr. Bashir replied, "What happened is that your symbiont had died and I replaced it with your new symbiont. You are the first one that started the family of Trills. We came several centuries from the future. We have several Trills in our time. We have to save that race. If you would have died, all the Trills would die since you were the only one at this time."

Ezri became conscious and got beamed down from USS Atlantis. Aruna said to Ezri, "I thought I was the only one of you until you came."

Ezri replied, "We are the future generation which you have started. I found the record that Trills were from a different world that was destroyed from a comet. You and your parents came here on the spaceship and crashed. Your parents died in that crash and you were the only survivor."

Kreel returned and was angry because Aruna woke from unconsciousness. Kreel was getting ready to put his curse on everyone. All of sudden, a cyclops came and grabbed Kreel and thew him into the distance. The cyclops growled at Kreel and he ran as fast as he could. The cyclops shapeshifted back to Odo. Willam Tell asked, "You must be some kind of sorcerer? I hope you can stay with us to keep Kreel away from us."

Odo replied, "I couldn't stay with you because I'm  from the future, also. I'm just a changeling which means that I can change myself into anything. I am not the sorcerer. Kalem is a very good sorceress and she will make sure you are protected from evil."

Captain Kira Nerys, Jake Sisko, Dr. Bashir, Odo, Lwaxana and Deanna Troi beamed back to the USS Atlantis. The Atlantis went to Warp Speed 16 and moved forward to their proper time. The ambassador came on the screen and announced, "After all the Trills went into comas throughout the galaxy, it has been reported that all of Trills came out of their comas. This still remains a mystery. We have gone into the records of the history of the Trills. The original planet where Trills lived had been destroyed from a comet and one family crashed on Earth several centuries ago. Only one survived the crash. Her name was Aruna Dax and she married William Tell and that's how the Trills got repopulated. William Tell was not just the legend which lots of people believed.

The USS Atlantis was getting ready for the next mission.

The End