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America the Beautiful by Elvis Presley
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This site is dedicated for those lives that were lost from terrorist attack (whether it was terrorist or inside job) on September 11th 2001

Please pray for the United States and world for Peace. Let peace begin from within you.


May the peace be at thy hands;
May the love be at thy heart;
May the power of God be in you;
And let the light be in you.

May bring peace and love for our planet Earth;
May keep the nature in balance;
May keep the love for the animals;
The love of God will always be in you.

William Babcock

Touched By an Angel: Ascensions
This story starts the year 1969 when there was an oil spill at Santa Barbara and oil companies sold their soul to the devil (Monique). The stories continue to 50 years into future when big corporations get greedy and destroy Earth's environment and causes California to slide into ocean from earthquake and there'll be UFO encounters. There will be some crossovers with "Close Encounter of the Third Kind", "The X-Files", and "The Dead Zone." There is a scene on 9-11 attack. Rated PG