Babylon 5 -- Intergalactic Amateur Radio

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: President John Sheridan, Delenn, Dr. Stephen Franklin, Lennier, Captain Elizabeth Lochley, Zach Allan, Lyta Alexander and G'Kar are property of J. Michael Straczynski. I'm not using any 5 or 6 characters for Amateur Radio call signs. I am not making any money, and it was written only for enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated PG

The Babylon 5 station was dedicating the opening of the Amateur Radio Station. The Intergalactic Communication Commission (ICC) had issued the station license.  The call sign for Babylon 5 was a club station, QW87BABCOM. It could be operated through the Babcom system. Five of the residents have their own licenses to operate the Amateur Radio Station. President John Sheridan's call sign was QW87AFRERT. Delenn's call sign was QW87ATYTRE. Captain Elizabeth Lochley's call sign was QW87BGFPET.

The captain called, "Calling any station on Mars. This is QW87BABCOM from Babylon 5 station. Can anyone copy?"

The station from Mars replied, "QW87BABCOM, this is MA65DERFGF from Mars. I copy you loud and clear. I have a traffic message for you."

The captain then replied, "Go ahead"

The station from Mars replied with traffic, "We have been notified that the Shadows are going to attack us. Please send troops to Mars. Please notify to President Sheridan. End of traffic message. MA65DERFGF will be clear."

The captain replied again, "Received your message. QW87BABCOM will be clear."

The captain called the John Sheridan, Delenn, Dr. Franklin, Lennier, Zach, and G'Kar to meeting. During the meeting, the Captain said, "The reason that I called for meeting is that Mars is going to be attacked by the Shadows. I have received the traffic message from Mars and they requested that troops to be sent to Mars."

The President Sheridan said, "We'll send at least ten men, Delenn and I will go to Mars, too. I'll keep in touch when we get there."

Zach said to President, "Do you want me to come to Mars? I believe I could help with security."

The President replied, "We need to keep our station secured. It's your responsibility to make sure the station is secured especially when enemies come."

Lennier said to President, "How about if we send telepaths to Mars? Maybe they could help to defeat enemies."

The President replied, "It's not their fight."

G'Kar said, "Get the shuttle ready. We are going to Mars." President Sheridan, Delenn and ten of other men got on the shuttle and headed to Mars.

Five Shadows ships came to Mars and attacked the villages. They were attacking the villages with laser blasts. President Sheridan spoke through communication, "QW87BABCOM, this is QW87AFRERT from Mars. I have an emergency traffic. Mars is being attacked by Shadows. There are lots of casualties. We need an emergency medical team. Go ahead."

Captain Lochley replied through communication, "QW87AFRERT, This is QW87BABCOM, QW87BGFPET on a mike. I'll send two medical personnel and plenty medical supplies to Mars. Go ahead John."

President Sheridan than replied, "At least 20 civilians are dead. We have destroyed two of the Shadows ships. QW87AFRERT will be clear."

The other three Shadows ships were coming to attack the Babylon 5 station. The telepaths were using their mind control against the Shadows. Lyta said, "We must concentrate to stop Shadows from attacking us. Let's concentrate to see if they would attack each other." The Shadows apparently are blocking out the telepaths.

Zach said though Babcom communication, "Calling battle stations. Three Shadows are attacking us. Start firing at them. Babylon 5 have destroyed rest of the Shadows ships.

Captain Lochley spoked through communication, ""QW87AFRERT, This is QW87BABCOM, QW87BGFPET on a mike. We have destroyed rest of Shadows ships. I'll notify the IARES (Intergalactic Amateur Radio Emergency Service) to set up the shelter at Mars. We'll set up the Red Cross there too. Go ahead John."

President Sheridan replied through communication, "We have transferred several casualties to Recreation Center. At least 140 civilians are wounded. The IARES members are getting ready to setup the emergency center. We do need more doctors and surgeons. We could use more nurses. Go ahead Elizabeth."

Captain Lochley than replied, "Our station is returning at normal status. QW87BABCOM will be clear."

Lyta said to captain, " We have tried to use our telepathic message against Shadow, but they were strong. If this is illegal use of our abilities, could we keep this to ourself?"

The Captain replied, "We'll keep it between you and me. We'll keep it quiet."

The President and Delenn returned Babylon 5 station from Mars. The president called all the Amateur Radio operators in for meeting. They met at the communication room where there are Amateur Radio equipments. There are 27 Amateur Radio operators living at the Babylon 5 station.

President Sheridan said, "The reason for the meeting is that we are going to have an emergency drill. We all are going to use a 2-meter handy transceiver with the frequency set to 147.165 MHz. Each one of you will go to different location of Babylon 5 station. This will be the drill on attacks."

Captain Lochley was located at the bridge. Delenn was located at the engine room. Several others were scattered within the private quarters. The drill has started. Captain Lochley spoke through the ham transceiver, " QW87BABCOM, this is QW87BGFPET at the bridge for the drill. The Shadows are taking over the bridge, we have three dead people. Please send security guards. Go ahead John."

President Sheridan replied through ham radio, "QW87BGFPET, this is QW87BABCOM for a drill. OK Elizabeth. Got it clear. We'll send security guards and medical team to the bridge."

Delenn spoked through the ham transceiver, "QW87BABCOM, this is QW87ATYTRE at the engine room for the drill. The Shadow is attacking the engineers at the engine room. We need security guard immediately. Go ahead John."

President Sheridan replied through ham radio, "QW87ATYTRE, this is QW87BABCOM for a drill. OK Delenn. I'll send security guards to engine room."

Now the drill was finished. All of the ham operators returned to communication room. President Sheridan said, "Good works! We are going to have drill once a month. We will use 147.165 MHz for the drill. This will be open frequency for Babylon 5. We will have a weekly net at that frequency. We'll plan the day and time later."