Planet of the Bigfoots
Planet of the Apes/Babylon 5 Crossover

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: Colonel Taylor, Cornelias, Dr. Zira and Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes are property of 20th Century Fox. President John Sheridan, Delenn, Dr. Stephen Franklin, Lennier, Captain Elizabeth Lochley, Zach Allan, Lyta Alexander and G'Kar from Babylon 5 are property of J. Michael Straczynski. Robert and Stacy which both of them are bigfoot and Ben and Bill which are humans are names that I created. I am not making any money, and it was written only for enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Summary of "Planet of the Apes"

Rated PG

Cornelias and Dr. Zira left the Earth just before the nuclear destruction. Both of them had gotten away on a spaceship that came from Earth of the 21st century.  They had witnessed a nuclear explosion on the Earth. Dr. Zira said, "Oh my God! They really just blew up our planet. I sure wish we had taken Taylor along. I really do like him."

Cornelias replied, "Just remember that humans caused the war in the first place. Now all we need to do is to figure how to travel back in time. My only hope is that we could prevent this from happening. Of course if we did that, we might not even exist."

Seven months went by and they viewed another planet on the screen. Cornelias and Dr. Zira were hoping that there would be more food out on that planet. They had decided to land on the planet. After they landed on that planet, they got out and found a perfect mix of air, just like on Earth. They saw two bigfoots walking together toward them. They came to them and greeted them. Those bigfoots make some sort of sound as communications. The bigfoots were warm hearted to the chimpanzees. Dr. Zira said, "Why don't we teach them our language? Maybe we could learn everything from them."

Cornelias replied, "We'll probably will be staying here for a while. There was something like them that existed here back on Earth. There were several names for them. The humans were calling them the bigfoot. They were also called Sasquatch, Abominablel Snowman and Skunk Ape."

Robert, one of the bigfoot, said, "I know very little of that language. There were several so-called humans who came here looking for an astronaut named Taylor. They named me Robert and she was named Stacy. They spent several days here and than they took off to continue to search for Taylor."

Those two chimpanzees stayed at their planet for several months. Cornelias taught other bigfoots to speak English language. Cornelias were hoping to figure out how they could travel back in time. Robert and Stacy were studying the diagram of the spaceship. After that they found some photos of the human that Robert collected. Cornelias said, "This is the photo of Colonel Taylor who traveled into our future from Earth. That was the first human that came to us that talked. We called him 'Bright-eyes' until we learned his name."

Stacy asked, "Is your planet mainly chimpanzee?"

Cornelias replied, "No, we also have orangutans. We had a famous scientist named Dr. Zaius who was an orangutan. But he didn't approve of any human talking. In fact a vocal cord was removed from Taylor. Dr. Zaius only believe that humans should be kept as slaves. We had an area on Earth known as the "Forbidden Zone" which none of us were allowed to visit. But we did travel to the Forbidden Zone with Taylor and found the answer about humans."

Robert replied, "Slavery is forbidden on our planet. We believe that all creatures have rights."

Cornelias replied, "That's why we want to travel back in time to prevent slavery to humans."

Cornelias and Dr. Zira decided to bring Robert and Stacy with them on their rocket ship.

Cornelias, Dr. Zira, Robert and Stacy got into the rocket ship and blasted off from that planet. Cornelias and Robert were studying the manual on the rocket ship so they could go back in time to 21st century. After they pushed the buttons on the time machine, the rocket ship just suddenly went wild. The rocket ship was shaking violently and suddenly went through some kind of wormhole. The lights were flashing outside just like lightning flashes. After the spaceship got out of the wormhole, they noticed a space station in the distance. This was Babylon 5 Station. The time machine was smoking and was damaged. The clock indicated that they were in the 23rd century. Cornelias said through transmission, "We're coming to your space station. We need help with our rocket ship."

The Captain Lochley replied through communications, "Please enter through the docking doorway at an opposite end of our station. I have never seen your kind of rocket ship since the 21st century."

After their rocket ship docked inside the Babylon 5 Station, President Sheridan and Zach greeted them. Both President Sheridan and Zach were surprised when the chimpanzees and bigfoots talked. Zach asked, "Where are you from?"

Cornelias replied, "We came from Earth several centuries from the future. It got destroyed by a nuclear bomb. Those two bigfoots are from another planet at a great distance from Earth which is mainly bigfoots."

Captain Lochley assigned quarters for chimpanzees in one room and bigfoots for another room. The next morning, the Captain Lochley came to chimpanzees' quarters. Captain Lochley asked, "Do you know anything about chimpanzees being genetically engineered so they can talk sometime in the future? I was looking for any record and have no information."

Dr. Zira replied, "We came from several thousand years from the future. We had humans but they did not speak. Then one day, a human named Taylor came from 20th century. He was the first human that talked. From our Earth, we had an area known as the Forbidden Zone. One day we went there and found the truth. Apparently, there was a nuclear war sometime in the past and since then the apes evolved. We have both chimpanzees and orangutans. Did you ever know a Colonel Taylor in the past?"

Dr. Zira showed the photo of an astronaut named Colonel Taylor. The captain showed the computer information about Colonel Taylor. Captain Lochley said, "According to the record, this Colonel Taylor left Earth with three other astronauts during the late 20th century and vanished without a trace. He and the others never returned. There's no evidence of the nuclear war and apes taking over the Earth at this time now."

Dr. Stephen Franklin came and explained a theory, "There is evidence that there is a parallel universe. Someone had explored that parallel universe about five years ago. On parallel Earth plane, there was a battle between apes and humans. We will have to send them back to their universe to stop their problem. The ancient equipment on that rocket ship just won't handle getting through the doorway to their universe. We could install modern equipment from one of the spaceships being decommissioned. That equipment will beable to handle going through the doorway to parallel universe."

Several engineers at Babylon 5 station were redesigning the rocket ship so the apes could return. They had redesigned the time machine in that rocket ship. All of sudden, there was a blast at the bigfoots' quarters. Both Robert and Stacy were wounded from the bomb. Security Zach  investigated the bombing. Both Lyta and G'Kar witnessed the crime. The suspect was Ben. Security Zach arrested Ben and took him into the interrogation room. Zach checked the record for Ben and the record showed that he had been involved in hate crimes. He had belonged to the  'Human Purist' group. This group had been known to kill off those that were not humans. Zach asked Ben, "Why are you trying to kill the bigfoots and apes?"

Ben replied, "Because apes are going to take over planet Earth in the future. I saw the future record on Earth. Once they do, the apes are going to use humans as slaves."

Zach replied, "Cornelias and Dr. Zira are going back to Earth in the past to stop that. Since you are guilty of attempted murder, I'm sending you to the brig."

The rocket ship was getting ready to depart. Captain Lochley said to Cornelias, "I'm afraid that both Robert and Stacy will not able to go with you for a long time. It may be a couple of months before they'll recover. We can set the jumpgate to send you back to your parallel world. After that, you should able to travel back in time."

Cornelias replied, "Thanks for helping us. I would like to visit Robert and Stacy before we go."

Both Cornelias and Dr. Zira visited Robert and Stacy at the sick bay. Robert said, "There might be a group known as 'Human Purists' on your world. There might be a danger that Human Purists might even start a war on your world. When we recover, we are going home back to our planet."

Both Cornelias and Dr. Zira got into their rocket ship. President Sheridan said, "I wish you luck on your trip. You can get to your world by going through the jumpgate."

The rocket ship departed from Babylon 5 station and went through the jumpgate. Delenn said to President Sheridan, "I sure hope those chimpanzees succeed in saving their world."

Three months later, Bill, one of the Babylon 5 crew, took Robert and Stacey to their planet and the other bigfoots were happy to see them. When Bill returned, he took Ben to a Penal Colony and his judgement was a life imprisonment at the Penal Colony.