TBAA -- The Electric Shock Experience

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: Monica, Andrew, Tess from "Touched By an Angel" are the property of Martha Williamson and CBS. Ellen & Jim Albeit, Steve, Bob, Carol and John are the characters that I have created. I have used Princess Diana as a spirit from the other side. This is based on a true story of an anchorwoman who had been electrocuted from high voltage. The near death experience of this story is made up. However, no actual names or locations are being used. I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated PG

Tess, Monica and Andrew were sitting at the back of the television news studio which was located at San Francisco. Anchors Carol and John were broadcasting the news. Monica asked Tess, "What's my assignment?"

Tess replied, "Your assignment is to help Ellen and her husband. She is the one that is reporting live from Fisherman's Wharf. She will need your help later."

Tess, Monica and Andrew were watching the live scene where a baby was discovered in a dumpster. Monica said, "I don't know why someone wants to throw that baby in the dumpster. I'm sure there are so many adoption places where it would find a loving home. I hope that baby will be OK"

Andrew said, "I was at that place to keep that baby comfortable untill the paramedics arrived. He's in good hands."

They continued watching the live scene from Fisherman's Wharf and a witness came forward to identify the mother that abandoned the baby. It was a teenage mother that the witness described. Tess said, "Some teens sure don't learn their lessons."

Andrew replied, "She happens to be a runaway teen and had been prostituting for the past year. That's how she got pregnant."

Monica asked, "Why did you give me an assignment to Ellen? That troubled teen is the one that needs help."

Tess replied, "That's not for me to decide. That's a decision from God." After the news was done, they were getting ready for their assignments.

The next day, Monica went out on assignment with Ellen Albeit for the news coverage. They went to an apartment located at 19th Ave. near Golden Gate Park to do a story of the mother being arrested for baby abandonment. Monica said to Ellen, "Hi, my name is Monica. I'll be your helper for the news broadcast. That's a shame what she did to that baby. I hope she gets counseling."

Ellen replied, "My concern is that the baby doesn't have AIDS."

Ellen was explaining the procedure for the news story to Monica. The news crew were setting up the microwave tower on the van to get it reporting live when it reached noon. All of a sudden, the microwave tower came in contact with high voltage wires. Ellen was in the van when the high voltage charge surged down through the van. Ellen got electrocuted with several thousand volts. Steve went in to pull Ellen out of the van. A few seconds of contact with the electrical current left him shaken but alive. Bob gave Ellen a CPR. Bob yelled, "Call 911! She's not breathing." Monica called 911 from a cell phone. She saw Andrew glowing and thought they had lost her.

Ellen felt herself  leave her body, and floated and watched the paramedics doing CPR One of the paramedics was Andrew. After awhile, she went through a tunnel and saw a light towards the end. It was a beautiful experience that she going through. She saw her dad and held his hand for a moment. She than continued until she saw Princess Diana. Princess Di took her hand and gave her the message by saying mentally, "Ellen, You can surround the world with love. Our Planet Earth needs healing. You must go back. Your work is not done. Let's bring peace and love back to Earth. Please tell others to pray for peace and love for our Planet Earth."

After the message from Di, she felt herself being pulled back and got back in her body and became conscious. Andrew said, "Welcome back Ellen. We'll get you to the hospital."

They got Ellen to the hospital. Her right arm and left leg were badly burned. The doctors examined her and mentioned that she had some third degree burns. Her husband, Jim, came over to the hospital. He was worried about her. Tess came to him as a nurse. Tess said to Jim, "I got word from the doctor. He said that she is expected to live. However, she has a third degree burn on each of her right arm and left leg. There's a good chance that both arm and leg would have to be amputated. We are going to keep her under observation."

Jim replied tearfully, "First I heard that she died and got revived again. I suppose that she is still in critical condition."

Tess replied, "Many people have gone through what is known as "near death experience". In most of those cases, there have been miraculous recoveries. I expect she'll recover even if we have to amputate her limbs."

While Jim was waiting in the hospital, he was watching the news on TV when the story was told about the accident. Anchorwoman Carol said, "Earlier today, Ellen Albeit was electrocuted and she was pronounced dead. After few minutes, she was revived by paramedics. I got a report just several minutes ago and she has been upgraded to serious condition. An investigation is being done about that accident. It was believed that the van came too close to the power lines. That's what caused the microwave tower to come in contact with the power line."

Jim had some relief from that news.

A week later, Steve visited Ellen at the hospital. Steve's burn was not serious. Ellen was still in serious condition. Steve said, "I thought we'd lost you. I think it was a miracle that you came back alive."

Ellen replied, "I know that I had died. I had realized that when I saw my dad and Princess Di. It was a heavenly place. Princess Di had given me a message to pray for our planet Earth."

Monica stopped by to see Ellen. Monica said to both Ellen and Steve, "I know about near death experience. Sometimes God shows you that what death will be like when you die at your proper time. Several people have had same type of experience when they die and saw what heaven was like and came back. That's why God sent some people back. They can teach the truth. Some people came back with a new gift."

Tess came in and told Ellen, "Your right arm and left leg are damaged beyond our ability to save them. The only thing the doctor could do is to amputate both of them. The doctor will also have to amputate one of your toes on the other foot and two fingers on other hand since they got too severely burned. You will be able to get an artificial leg. You might possibly go without an arm."

The next day, Ellen went in for amputation surgery. While she went under anesthetic, she floated out of body and she saw Andrew and Princess Di both of them glowing. Ellen said to Andrew, "I thought I saw you giving me CPR."

Andrew replied, "Yes that was me. I'm an angel of death, however I don't take everyone unless it's their time. I came for your dad and Princess Di. Since it wasn't your time to die, we had to send you back."

Princess Di said to Ellen, "You still will have use of one hand. You have an ability to write poetry. If you listen to yourself, you can really write wonderful poems. May the God be with you."

She came out of anesthesia and went to the recovery room. Later in the afternoon, her husband Jim and the anchorwoman Carol, visited her. Both of them brought flowers for her. Carol said to Ellen, "That mother who abandoned her baby was guilty and she does have HIV. It was a miracle that her baby tested negative. The baby is now in the children hospital and they will be putting it up for adoption."

Ellen said, "That baby is so cute I wouldn't mind adopting him. Maybe Jim and I can talk about doing that." She looked toward her husband hopefully.

Jim replied, "I'll go down tomorrow morning and see about getting the adoption papers."

Carol replied, "I'll help him with the adoption papers. That baby really deserves loving parents."

Later that evening, Ellen watched the TV news. Anchorwoman Carol announced in the news, "Ellen Albeit had both the right arm and left leg amputated and also lost two fingers and a toe on her other limbs. They may be adopting that abandoned baby. I hope that will work out. If you want to send a get well cards, please send it to our studios. The address will be given at the end of the news.

Two months later, Ellen got an artificial leg. She was taking a physical therapy. Tess was both physical therapist and a nurse. Tess was helping her on the treadmill using her new artificial limb. She was not able to get the artificial arm. Tess said, "You are doing good. You should able to go home tomorrow."

Ellen replied, "Do you think I would able to get back to work? There's something I would like to tell you about my near death experience. I had met Princess Di and she gave me some kind of message. Do you think this really happened?"

Tess replied, "Yes, People do get messages from other side. It happens lots of times when someone loses some loved ones. There was a case that someone got a message from Abraham Lincoln. There is a reason for messages. Those messages are there to help humankind."

The next day, Ellen went home. Her husband Jim was glad to see her back home. Monica came over too. Anchorpersons Carol and John, Steve and Bob came over also. Ellen was talking about her near death experience. Ellen said, "I hope you believe me. When I died for a moment, I met my father and Princess Diana. That place was beautiful. Princess Di gave me some kind of message and I came back."

Jim said, "This just sounds like something in your mind. I think the brain just played a trick after your accident."

John replied, "There have been lots of reports of near death experience, but no scientific proof."

Steve said, "I remember that my sister had similar experience. I didn't believe that until I read some books on near death experience."

Monica said while glowing, "I'm an angel. The near death experiences are real. There are many cases of people going through that. The reason people do experience that is it's some kind of message from God. Princess Diana is our helper from God. She has given others messages before. You must share those thoughts with others. You know that God Loves You. For you Ellen, this is a good time to get started on your poetry. You do have a gift for that. Don't forget to give the message that Princess Di gave you. There are two other angels here now."

Ellen saw both Tess and Andrew glowing. The apparition of Princess Di appeared and glowed. Ellen said, "I take it that Princess Di is going to be a fourth angel. When I went through a near death experience, Princess Di did gave me that message. The message was "You can surround the world with love. Our Planet Earth needs healing. You must go back. Your work is not done. Let's bring peace and love back to Earth. Please tell others to pray for peace and love for our Planet Earth." She told me about doing poetry."

Carol replied, "This would be a good time to form a prayer group."

Tess said while glowing, "You will have that beautiful baby for you to adopt. She will be your angel. God wants you to have that baby. You'll have plenty of time to write your poetry."

After that session, everyone went home. Later in that day, the news came on and said, "Ellen Albeit has now gotten home for the first time since the accident. Jim was really happy that she got home."

For next three months, Ellen wrote a book of poetry. She got it published. She was adopting the new baby that was abandoned from its mother. She was getting ready to return to her work. She has adjusted to work with her one hand. That night when she went to sleep, she was dreaming about Princess Di. Princess Di gave her another message in her dreams and said, "I want to tell you the guardian angel is watching over your baby. The things will work out with your baby. There was a bus accident just an hour ago. Please pray for those people."

After Ellen woke, she went down to watch the news and the news said, "There was a bus accident at Sacramento. Twenty-three people had been hospitalized. Three of them are in critical condition."

Ellen said to Jim, "I had a dream from Princess Di about that bus accident. Those people need our prayers."

When Ellen got to a television newsroom, they formed a prayer circle to pray for those people on that bus. A couple days later, those three that were in critical condition had been upgraded to good condition and they were expected to be released in a couple of weeks. Monica had stopped over to see Ellen and gave her a hug. Monica said, "I'm glad you got your job back. Your poetry book is going to be a good seller." Then Monica left and a dove was near the window.




Princess Di
 This Fanfiction Story is dedicated
Loving Memory of Princess Diana 

 Jul. 1st 1961 - Aug. 31st 1997