PL -- Is this Elvis?

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: Russell, Nathaniel, Claire, Joshua, Hattie and Dinah Greene and Erasmus Jones from "Promised Land" are property of Martha Williamson and CBS.  I am actually using Elvis as the fictional story. I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated G

The Greene family came to Chicory Creek and stopped at Erasmus Jones' residence. When the Green family came into his house, the television was on. They were listening to the news and the reporter had mentioned about Elvis being alive. The news mentioned that Elvis had faked his death and he had been sighted. The news also said Elvis would appear at the high school next week. The question was "Is he really Elvis or is this another imitator."

Hattie said, "I've read those stories about Elvis being alive in every tabloid paper in the supermarket. I don't know why they just don't leave him alone. I think the people are seeing the look alikes."

Erasmus said, "I have been a fan of Elvis since he started singing. I know lots of people will imitate Elvis songs and make themselves a look-alike."

The Greene family went to the supermarket to get few things. When they got to the check-out counter, they were looking at the tabloid papers. Joshua said, "I wonder how they get those stories. How about the story "Bigfoot Kidnaped My Wife" and "Elvis is Alive." I surely would like to know how they invent stories like that."

Hattie replied, "I'll bet that I could send any ridiculous story to them and it would be out in those papers."

Joshua bought four tabloid papers. He said, "I'm really carious about those stories. I think I could find good jokes from those stories."

Russell replied, "People that write those stories or read them must be out of their mind. These should be called "Junk Papers"."

The Greene family got back from the supermarket. Joshua, Nathaniel, Dinah and Hattie each grabbed a tabloid paper and read it. Nathaniel said, "This is interesting story. 'The Ghost of Elvis Saved My Life'. There's another interesting story. 'A Space Alien kidnapped My Sister'."

Hattie added, "How about that story. 'UFOs are Time Travelers from the Future'."

Joshua said, "Listen to this. 'An Indian Spell Turned a Teenage into Horse'."

Dinah laughed, "I've got a real dandy. 'My Grandmother is a Bigfoot'."

Russell replied, "Those stories in Junk Papers are nothing but rubbish."

A week later, The Greene family and Erasmus attended the Elvis concert at the high school auditorium. Before the concert, the television news came to ask audience members their opinions about Elvis. A news reporter approached Joshua, "Do you think that he is really Elvis and did fake his death or is this an imitator?"

Joshua replied, "He's probably being an imitator. Why would Elvis have faked his own death?"

A news reporter asked Hattie, "What's your opinion about Elvis?"

Hattie Replied, "I'm just as curious. I have watched TV specials about Elvis. Some people thought that he could possible faked his death to do undercover work for the Drug Enforcement Agency."

A tabloid reporter came and said to Russell, "Do you think Elvis faked his death? If you think he did, what do you think was the reason for that?"

Russell replied, "I'm not giving you any comment. You've not going to take my story about Elvis and rewrite it to make it more ridiculous. You can just get someone else to give you a story for your Junk Paper."

Elvis came to the stage and sang "Hound Dog." After that, he sang "Can't Help Falling in Love" and "Heartbreak Hotel." Elvis said to the audience, "I'm sure if you were wandering if I really faked my death." Elvis was now glowing and said, "I'm an angel sent from God. The truth is that I did die at that time. I have died before my time and now I'm working as an angel. It happened when I was addicted to a prescription drug. My assignments are usually to council people with drug problems or those who think about suicide. The message is that God loves you all. It's sad that teens are getting into drugs and killing each other. There have been subliminal messages on today's rock music. That's what has been causing hate and drug problems with teens. What needs to be done is to get music from the 50's and early 60's back again. Lots of that music was more inspired back in those days. I'll answer your question if you have one."

Elvis had been answering questions from the audience. Elvis had called on Claire. Claire asked, "Have you ever met angels named Monica, Tess or Andrew?"

Elvis replied, "Yes, I met Monica when I was a teenager. She had told me that my music would change the world. That's what started me on my music career. When I died, I had met Andrew, known as an Angel of Death. Andrew had advised me that, since I died before my time, I can work as an angel. So I accepted those assignments."

After Elvis answered other questions, he told the audience, "Let's hold each other's hands and sing one of my favorites. This song is "There'll Be Peace in the Valley." This song will give you an uplifting feeling. Remember, God will be with you."

The audience left the auditorium very inspired and uplifted.

A week later, the Greene family went to a supermarket. When they got to checkout counter, they looked at the tabloids again. Joshua said, "I wonder if they wrote the story about Elvis as an angel." Joshua looked in the tabloid and found the story about Elvis. Joshua commented, "Would you believe he wrote the story as 'Elvis is a Space Alien from Another Planet'?"

Claire replied, "That's just another wild story. Junk paper reporters are probably making lots of money for those ridiculous stories."

Hattie looked at another tabloid paper and found a story about Elvis. Hattie said, "Would you believe that someone wrote 'An Angel Posing as Elvis Materialized at High School'. I don't think those reporters ever write truths for those junk papers."

Nathaniel checked out a third tabloid and said, "Guess what? They printed my story. I sent in my story titled 'I Met Mermaid While I was Swimming'. I was just curious to see if they would print my story which I sent about a couple of weeks ago."

Russell replied, "Didn't you really feel silly sending story like that? What would your friends think about you writing a story like that?"

Nathaniel commented, "My friends already know that. I told my friends about those jokes they write in those junk papers. We'll probably have a good laugh at those stories."

After the Greene family got home, they turned on a television set. They listened to a news report. A news anchor commented about Elvis as an angel. The anchor said, "When Elvis explained that he was an angel last week, an investigation about the subliminal messages in today's rock music began. They have discovered that producers have used subliminals for hate, sex and drugs. This could be the number one cause of teen violence. They are expecting to recall millions of CDs because of the subliminal messages. We should thank Elvis, an angel, for finding this problem."

The Greene family and Erasmus held hands together to form a prayer circle. They prayed for peace and love for the teens of the world.




Elvis Presley
 This Fanfiction Story is
 dedicated for Loving
 Memory of Elvis Presley 

 Jan. 8th 1935 - Aug. 16th 1977