The Miracle of Healing

by William Babcock

praying  Disclaimer: Monica, Andrew, Tess from "Touched By an Angel"  are property of Martha Williamson and CBS. I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated G

I believe that I have assignment for Bill.

Bill has a developmental learning disability which he has hard time with communications. He can reads words in sentence, but he couldn't comprehend or understand the meaning. He has lots of difficulty when comes to writing sentences. However, he has another gift from God.That's your assignment.

I went to church that Sunday and Monica and Tess is a guest speaker. Tess decided to play an organ and Monica is giving the lecture about angels. She was talking about the history of angels and some of names of angels like Archangel Michael and Uriel. After the lecture, Monica is going to channel the message and she has one for me.

I believe that someone really just took advantage of you.

Yes, I sign something which I thought I was guarantee for something. I paid the fee up front and got no service.

There are several million people like you that has a learning disability and very often dishonest people will take advantage because they couldn't understand what it meant.

Why did I born like that and why did I deserve that?

Monica: (now her head is glowing)
I'm an angel sent by God and I have a message for you. There is reason with disabilities like that. But you also do very well on math. This is important gift from God that you have. The gift is healing. You have been wondering why your hands get hot at times. I know that you have healed people in the past and it's time to use it again.

Monica is giving the message to others and she told that important thing about the sign on the wall which said "God is Love". Monica told about the sign as the real truth about God. After the church service is over, Tess came to me with more message.

Tess: >(now her head is glowing)
I'm an angel too. Since you do have that gift of healing, you know about the next door neighbor son is dying of cancer. The doctor gave him about six weeks to live, The message is that you need to give him a healing. However the God will do the rest.

I went to hospital to see the neighbor son and I started to lay the hands on him. Now my hands is starting to glow. There came Andrew with glow on his head.

I'm angel of death but I don't always don't take them. I came to see the miracle and it's not his time to die.

About ten days later, the doctor inform me that his cancer had completely went into remission. The doctor told me that must be most miracle thing that happened. Another week later, he come home fully recovered.