TBAA -- The Rattlesnake Encounter

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: Monica, Andrew, Tess from "Touched By an Angel" are the property of Martha Williamson and CBS. John, Mary, Elizabeth, Alan and his wife Doris, are the characters that I have created. This is based on a true story of someone who was badly bitten by a rattlesnake. However, No actual names or locations are being used. I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated G

Tess, Monica, and Andrew were standing at the trailhead at Joshua Tree National Monument. There was a group of hikers at the trailhead. Alan was leading a hike. There were fifteen hikers all together. Monica commented, "Isn't this a lovely place? Look at the flowers that are blooming on the cactus."

Tess said to Monica, "Your assignment is Alan, who is leading the hike. You must join him, my angel baby. Just enjoy your hike."

Monica replied, "I surely will enjoy the hike."

Monica came and joined the hiking group. Alan was discussing the purpose for that hike. Monica signed in for the hike. Monica introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Monica. I came to join you."

Alan said to Monica, "I'm glad that you came."

Alan announced to all hikers, "Today, we are going to follow the trail along that wash. Then we are going to do some cross country hiking. There should be a lot of desert flowers out this time of year. John will be a sweep. That means that no one shall be ahead of the leader or behind the sweep. The weather will be quite warm today. It's important that you carry plenty of water."

They started hiking on the trail and there were lots of colorful flowers including those that were blooming from cactuses. There were small flowers blooming from the ground. Alan said, "Look! There are five bighorn sheep ahead of us. It's not very often that we see them. Last time, it was about seven years ago."

The hikers stopped and watched the bighorn sheep. John said, "That's the first time that I ever saw the bighorn sheep. I thought that I would never see them. I have seen a mountain lion a couple of time when I was hiking."

Alan said, "Since we are stopping to observe the bighorn sheep, we should have a water break. It is important to drink water since it's getting hotter."

Monica said, "We should say 'consider us lucky' after seeing the bighorn sheep. That's what people say when they see a mountain lion."

The bighorn sheep moved away out of sight. The hikers were walking again on the trail. About half an hour later, a mountain lion was sighted. Alan said, "I couldn't believe that. This is the first time I've seen a mountain lion. This is most interesting hike we've ever done. Lots of flowers, bighorn sheep and a mountain lion!"

The mountain lion moved away out of sight. It didn't come near to anyone as threat. Monica commented, "We should consider ourselves lucky today. We should be thankful that it didn't attack us."

Mary said, "I saw a mountain lion about four years ago when I was hiking alone. I was startled first, but it didn't bother me. All I did is to look as big as I could and keep facing it."

John said, "It was about ten years ago when I encountered a mountain lion. I was hiking alone, also, and I did same things. I thought it was going to get me, but I stood tall and had my hiking stick ready."

They stopped for a lunch break. Alan said, "We will have a half hour lunch."

As soon as they finished the lunch, the hikers left the trail along the side of a wash and started a cross country hike. The hikers were stepping over the rocks and going through some varieties of bushes. Alan stepped over the bush and without warning, a rattlesnake wrapped around his legs and bit him on both of his legs as it rattled. Alan screamed, "Help! I'm bit. The rattlesnake fangs are in my leg."

Doris, John, Mary and Monica ran to Alan. Andrew appeared, glowing, which no one saw except Monica. Andrew said to the rattlesnake, "Go! Leave now!" The rattlesnake left and went to another bush.

John had a rattlesnake kit in his backpack. John used a suction cup to get some of the venom out of Alan. John said, "We'd better just carry you out. We are going back on a different trail to the parking lot." John explained to other hikers, "We are going to need all the help that you can give to carry him out. I'm going to call 911 on my cellular phone to get a helicopter rescue."

Monica explained to the hikers, "Let's all pray for help."

A 911 dispatcher replied to the cellular phone and said, "A helicopter will be at the trailhead. It's possible to land a helicopter on the terrain."

By the time they got to the helicopter, Alan's legs were badly swollen. A helicopter pilot said, "I'll get you to Twenty-Nine Palms at the parking lot in front of a bakery shop. They'll be another helicopter there to take you to the hospital."

By the time they got to the parking lot at a bakery shop, Alan was losing consciousness. The other helicopter arrived and Tess was the doctor to take care of him. She gave him the antivenom. She said, "Hi, I'm Tess. I'm your doctor."

The other hikers arrived at the parking lot at the bakery shop. Doris wrapped her arms around Alan and said tearfully. "Don't die on me. No! Don't go!" Doris went in the helicopter with him and the helicopter took off and went to the hospital at Palm Springs.

Monica said to all of the other hikers, "Let's form a prayer circle. Let's hold hands. We are going to pray for his recovery." Monica said while she glowed, "I'm an angel sent from God. I have a message that God loves you. When you get home, it's important that you pray for his recovery. Please don't worry about him. God will take care of that."

When Alan arrived at the hospital, he was unconscious. He went out of his body and was watching as the doctors revived him. He went through the tunnel and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He appeared to be dead. He met his father and mother whom had died several years ago. Then he met Andrew. Andrew said while he glowed, "I'm an angel sent from God. You must go back. It's not your time yet." Andrew took Alan's hand and brought him back into his body.

When Alan woke out of unconsciousness, he felt more inspired. Tess gave him more antivenom. His legs were badly swollen. Tess said, "Welcome back, Alan. I thought you had died. You're going to need lots of rest."

Alan replied, "I believe that I did die and it was beautiful. I wanted to stay, but I got sent back."

Doris came to visit Alan. Doris said, "I thought I had lost you. I don't know what I would do without you. Did you know that snake must have been at least five feet long and at least three inches in diameter? That was an awful big snake."

Alan's daughter Elizabeth came to visit him. Elizabeth said tearfully, "I was notified that you had died and later came back. I'm glad you made it. I was worried that you would lose your legs. They look awfully swollen."

Alan went unconscious again. Both Doris and Elizabeth were crying and now were worried. Tess came in to give more antivenom to him. Finally, Alan woke out of unconsciousness. He became more stable. Monica, Mary and John came to visit. Mary had been a Reiki Healer for several years. Mary channeled the healing energy to Alan. She laid her hand on Alan and prayed for his recovery. Alan said to Mary, "I felt heat from your hands and I'm starting to fell better. I never knew that you did that type of healing."

Mary replied, "I have done that healing for several years. It is known as Reiki Healing. It's very ancient healing arts which has been practiced by Hindus. Jesus also used it. It is known as 'Laying of the Hands' type of healing."

Monica said while she glowed, "I'm an angel sent from God. I have a message for you. From God, all things are possible. For example, you have really done well on your hiking even though you have only one lung. You can still hike again. You should get your pair of the gaiter on your legs. That will protect you more from rattlesnake bites."

Alan replied, "I had met the other angel when I went through a near death experience. He's the one that sent me back."

Andrew appeared and said while he glowed, "I'm Andrew. I sent you back because it wasn't your time yet. You have really met three angels. The other one is Tess, who is your doctor."

Tess came in while she glowed and said to Alan, "Just keep up your faith and everything will be all right. I have a message for you, Mary. You have a wonderful gift for healing. Just keep it up."

Everyone left the hospital and Alan had a good night rest.

Several weeks later, Alan had fully recovered. He had a total of forty vials of antivenom during his treatment. That was more than anyone had ever had. Mary had given him several more sessions of Reiki Healing. He started his first hike since the rattlesnake incidence. His hike was going up along the Whitewater River just few miles from Palm Springs. Monica, Tess and Andrew were standing there while they glowed. No one could see them. Monica said to other angels, "I'm really happy that this was a real miracle."

Tess replied, "He's really a fighter. He has been hiking with one lung for several years. The doctors never expected for him to able to do that. It looks like everything will be OK."