TBAA/PL -- The Roswell Incident

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: Monica, Andrew, Tess from "Touched By an Angel" and the Greene Family from "Promised Land" are property of Martha Williamson and CBS. Tom, Helen, Jessica and General Thompson are the characters that I have created. I have also created the alien names. The alien names are Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul. No actual names are being used from Roswell. I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated PG

Tess, Monica and Andrew were at the site where the spacecraft had crashed on 1947. Andrew said, "I was there when three aliens died at the site. A fourth alien was taken to Wright Paterson Air Force base. The aliens had come to help and to teach mankind how to create peace. They had also come to warn about use of nuclear weapons for testing."

Tess said to Monica, "A new couple have just purchased the old farm. Their names are Tom and Helen. Helen was abducted by space aliens just last night. However, her abduction was for positive enlightenment rather than those who were abducted for medical experiment or impregnantation. That's your assignment, my angel baby."

Monica asked, "What am I supposed to do?"

Tess replied, "You are going to open their minds. That family has a special gift. Some miracles are going to happen."

Monica had come to the farm and knocked at the door and Helen answered. "Hi, I am Monica. I am the therapist you sent for."

Helen said, "I had a strange experience. There was bright light in the sky last Tuesday night. I had discovered that my watch said 6:00 a.m. and the clock said 8:00 a.m.. Now I believe that I was abducted by space aliens because I had a very strange dream and had missing time of about two hours. Is there any way you could tell me what really happened?"

Monica suggested, "I will give you regression using hypnosis."

Helen agreed. Monica began hypnotizing Helen who started to regress back to the time when strange lights were around her house. Helen saw that she was inside the spaceship laying on the examining table. The aliens somehow spoke in my head, "Don't be afraid. We will not harm you." Helen felt unconditional love and inner peace. The aliens did some kind of physical exam. Now Helen came out of hypnosis and she felt much better.

Helen asked Monica, "Do you like Cappuccino? "

Monica laughed, "That's my favorite." After they had been talking about the UFO abductions and contactees, Monica now revealed that she had a message for her. Monica said as she began to glow. "I'm an angel sent from God. God has a message for you. God wants you to know that you have a gift. You have a gift of healing. Just look at your hands." Helen hands were now glowing. "You are to build a shrine at the crash site. These four aliens that died in the crash have names. Their names are Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul. Budul is the one that died later at Wright Paterson Air Force base. These aliens have visited Earth thousands of years ago." Helen asked what planets they were from. Monica said, "They are from far away galaxies and are very advanced beings. Those aliens are really heavenly beings. They have come to teach mankind about peace and love."

Helen and Tom went into the town of Roswell. They went into the supermarket where Helen saw a boy with no hair. Apparently the boy had had some chemotherapy as result of having cancer. Helen had a strong feeling that she could help him. Helen talked to that boy about healings. His father came to him and said, "Hi my name is Russell Greene and I heard what you were mentioning about healing."

Helen said, "I just have discovered that I have a gift of healing that I seem to have gained from my UFO encounter. I met an angel named Monica and that's how I found out about that gift."

Russell commented, "I have met Monica myself. I also have met two other angels named Tess and Andrew."

Helen added, "I have heard about Andrew, the Angel of Death, who came for those three aliens that died on a spacecraft crash in 1947." Helen asked, "Do you live here in town?"

Russell said "No, we live in a trailer and we just are visiting here. We first visited here two years ago. Nathaniel wanted to visit here again. Do you know where we could stay?"

Helen suggested, "I have a farm. You are welcome to stay there and I'll be glad to help your son with my healing. We are supposed to build a shrine at the UFO crash site and have it as a healing center."

Russell clarified, "He isn't really my son, he is my nephew. I have been his guardian because my brother has been in lots of trouble. My brother is an alcoholic and been on drugs. I'll even give you a hand to help you to build a shrine."

Helen sadly replied, "It's really a shame when a family can't stay together."

When Russell and Nathaniel got to their trailer, there were Tess and Andrew. Nathaniel whispered. "I'm going to die, aren't I."

Andrew comforted him, "No, I've come to see General Thompson who retired from the Army."

Tess added, "I've come hoping that General Thompson will tell the truth about the UFO crash in 1947 before he dies."

As they got into the trailer, Russell told Claire about having a place to stay at the farm where UFO crashed. Russell said, "I met Helen at the supermarket and she told me about her gift of healing. She offered to let us stay at her farm. I have promised to help her to build a shrine at the UFO crash and they are going to open that shrine as a healing center. She is going to help Nathaniel with her healing. She has met Monica and that's how she has discovered her gift for healing as result of a UFO encounter."

Tess went to see General Thompson at the rest home. General Thompson was well into his 70's. He was dying from lung cancer as a result of cigarette smoking. Tess told General Thompson as she glowed, "I'm Tess, I am an angel and I have a message for you."

General Thompson whispered, "I take it that I'm going to die."

Tess said, "That is not for me to reveal. My message is that you must tell the truth about the UFO crash and how you fooled the public with that story about the weather balloon."

General Thompson asked, "Am I being punished for telling lies to the public?"

Tess said, "No, God Loves You and he wants you to know that, when you tell the truth, the guilt that you been holding since the crash will be forgiven. There's going to be a shrine at the UFO crash site dedicated to those four aliens. This shrine is going to become a healing center."

The Greene family arrived at the farm and parked their trailer near the house. Helen laid her hands on Nathaniel and her hands began glowing. Helen did the healing for about ten minutes.

Nathaniel commented, "I felt lots of heat from your hands. Will this cure my cancer?"

Helen replied, "Only God knows. Even if you feel better, you must continue with your medication and doctor's visits. It takes both traditional medicine and spiritual healing."

Later that night, they watched the news on television. There was a story on the news about a baby in the hospital that was born from a mother that used crack cocaine. Her mother had died as result of an overdose of crack cocaine.

Andrew appeared suddenly from nowhere and told Helen "You could help that baby. That baby really needs love." Andrew then disappeared.

After they went to bed, there was another bright light, but this time it came to Nathaniel. When Nathaniel woke up, Monica was there. Monica told him, "Your father will come here to visit you. He is going to seek healing to overcome his alcohol and drug abuse. The message is that you must try to forgive him."

Nathaniel questioned her, "Was I dreaming or was I taken to the spaceship?"

Monica continued, " Yes, you were on the spaceship and I have a message for you. When you get back to Chicory Creek, you will discover you also have a gift. You will know when time comes." Then Monica vanished from his room.

Helen went to the hospital to see the baby that had crack cocaine in her blood. Helen told the nurse, "I saw the news about the baby that has a crack cocaine addiction and I just want to hold her."

The nurse took her to the room and there were several babies that came from drug addicted mothers. The nurse brought the requested baby for her to hold. That baby was trembling very badly. The nurse said, " That's the one on the news. Her name is Jessica." When Helen was holding Jessica, her hands began glowing. After several minutes, Jessica fell asleep in her arms. Helen prayed for her healing.

The next day, the television news crews came and knocked at the door. The news anchor said, "We're from channel 8 news and we heard that you are going to build a shrine at the crash site."

Tom said, "Yes we are and please come in."

Just as soon the news crew began their interview, Russell looked out the window and saw Tess and an old man in a wheelchair. Russell said, "I believe that old man came to her for healing." Tom went to the door and let them in.

Tess made the introductions. "This is General Thompson. He retired from the army about 20 years ago. He is dying from lung cancer. He wants to tell the public what really happened during the 1947 UFO crash. He wants you to put that on your TV newscast."

Now the camera was recording. General Thompson said, "I am going to give the truth about the UFO crash in 1947. That was definitely a UFO that crashed and three of four aliens died at the scene. The other one went to Wright Paterson Air Force Base We did experiments to that alien and later he died. We even purchased the weather balloon for $10,000 and smashed it up. Then we took the photos and made up the story about the weather balloon. That's how we fooled people. Since I am dying, I am donating $10,000 for the construction of a shrine." Tess held up a plaque made of bronze inscribed with the names of the four aliens.

As soon as General Thompson got back to rest home, Andrew arrived. Andrew smiled kindly. "Hi, my name is Andrew. I'm the Angel of Death and I've come to take you Home." Andrew took him into the light.

Several days later, the shrine was completed. The inscription read, "In loving memory of those space aliens named Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul who came to Earth to teach mankind to love and have peace." The shrine was surrounded with a fence and the archway above the gate read "God is Love."

Joe Greene drove up to the shrine. He laid flowers at the base. Joe said with tears to Helen, "I have just gotten released from jail. I've been an alcoholic and addicted to drugs. I have made up my mind to go straight. I could never forget how I destroyed a family in an accident. Tess told me where I could find you. I even heard about my son having cancer. I really want to see my son and than I'll go." Russell, Claire, Hattie, Dinah and Nathaniel gave him a hug.

Helen held both of Joe's hands and her hands began glowing. Helen said, "May all the peace and love be with you."

The next day, almost 100 people came to the shrine for healings. Lots of them were in wheelchairs, others were using canes or crutches and some were blind or even deaf. Soon Helen was getting ready to start a service, while Monica came to the podium. Monica said while glowing, "Hi, I'm Monica. I am an angel. I have a message for all of you. It is important that you forgive yourself and others that you may have wronged. God Loves You. Have faith in yourselves and in God."

Helen spoke up at the microphone, "I have been abducted by space aliens. Really it was more of a close encounter rather than abduction. That's how I received the gift. I am going to hold both of your hands for few minutes. You may feel heat or some other experience. I have no idea what will happen. Only God knows. The services are free, however, there is a basket if you want to leave donations." Helen went to everybody in the audience and touched all their hands, while her's glowed, revealing her gift. After the service was over, some crutches, canes and even wheelchairs had been left there.

During the night while Helen was sleeping, Monica came to her. Monica said, "I need to show you something."

Helen asked, "Am I really dreaming?"

Monica replied, "No, what you are experiencing is astral projection. I'm taking you to Area 51. Don't worry, nobody is going to see you there since we're traveling in astral form." Both Monica and Helen arrived at Area 51. There were two aliens in human form being held as prisoners.

Monica said tearfully, "These two are really aliens in human form. They were in pods when the spacecraft crashed in 1947. After they survived the crash, they were walking along the road without any clothes. They were about 5 years old at that time. Police picked them up. When the police found out that they were aliens, they asked the Air Force to pick them up. They took them to Area 51. After all, they are innocent beings so why should they be treated as prisoners?"

Helen asked, "Is there anything we could do for their release?"

Monica replied, When you start your next healing service, both you and the audience must pray for their release."

The security guard at Area 51 was watching the two captured aliens. Tess materialized at front of the guard all aglow. The guard stammered, "Who are you and how did you get here?"

Tess glared, " I'm an angel; I'm a very angry angel. I know all about the captivity of those aliens. God said that you must release those aliens. If you don't there will be publicity about their captivity on television newscast. I do have a secret video camera and this is being taped. If you don't release them, you'll be on television news with the truth."

The guard said, "They'll kill me if I do."

Tess calmed him, "God will not let that happen. The security camera already recorded this incident. Just have them look at that video."

The next day, Helen and Tom were starting the healing service at the shrine. There were more than 200 people present. Helen said at the podium tearfully, "I had an out-of-body experience. I was at Area 51 and saw two aliens being held prisoners. My message is for all of you to pray for their release."

Tess came in just then with the two aliens which were released from Area 51. Tess glowingly told them, "I'm an angel. God wants to thank you for the prayers for the released of these poor souls from Area 51. These are the two aliens in human form. They are also going to help with the healings." Helen and the two aliens held every person's hand with their hands glowing.

After the healing service was over, Monica came to the microphone. Monica revealed herself to the crowd, "I'm an angel. I have a message for all of you. It is important that you forgive those people that hurt you. When you forgive, true healings do take place. It is important that you bring peace and love throughout the planet Earth. Remember that the peace and love begin with you. All of you join hands and let's sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth". "

When the Greene family got back to Chicory Creek, Claire and Hattie took Nathaniel to the doctor for an exam. The doctor came out and said, "I can't believe that! Nathaniel has gone into complete remission. I've never had seen anyone as bad as he was when I examined him just few weeks ago!"

Several weeks later, Nathaniel's hair had grown back. During the night, Nathaniel saw a space alien standing by his bed. The alien said mentally, "When the time comes, you will know what gift you've been given to help others. God Bless." The alien then vanished.

Since Jessica no longer had any trace of crack cocaine in her blood, Helen adopted her.


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