PL -- Return to Roswell

by William Babcock

Sequel to Touched by an Angel/Promised Land: The Roswell Incident

Disclaimer: Russell, Nathaniel, Claire, Joshua, Hattie and Dinah Greene, Erasmus Jones and Andrew from "Promised Land" are property of Martha Williamson and CBS. I have used Mother Teresa as a spirit from the other side.Tom, Helen and Jessica are the characters that I have created. I have also created the alien names. The alien names are Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul. No actual names are being used from Roswell. I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated PG

The Greene's Family was traveling to Carlsbad Cavern. They spent a whole day at the cavern. They had spent a night at the campground in their old trailer right at Carlsbad Cavern Campground. The next morning after breakfast Joshua, Nathaniel, Dinah and Hattie went hiking in that park. All of a sudden, Joshua stepped into a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake had bitten Joshua on his leg. Joshua screamed, "I got bitten! I'm in pain!"

Andrew appeared and said, "Relax Joshua. You'll be OK. Nathaniel, since you got the gift of healing, you can help him."

Nathaniel laid his hand on Joshua leg and his hands glowed and helped him with the healing. Andrew carried Joshua to the campground. Andrew informed Russell, "Your son got bitten by a rattlesnake. I have a message for you. You must return to Roswell. Tom and Helen will need you. Please stop at the hospital on the way to Roswell. He will need antivenom for his rattlesnake bite. He will be OK once he gets his treatment."

Russell replied, "You had me worried for a minute. I thought my son was going to die and you would take him. Thanks for helping him."

The Greene's Family stopped at the hospital and Joshua had gotten his antivenom. While they were waiting, there was a news break on television about the school shooting at Roswell, New Mexico. The news reported that three students died and seventeen students were injured from the school shooting. Russell said, "I think that's why Andrew informed us to go to Roswell. Those school children will need our help."

After Joshua was released from the emergency room, they continued to travel to Roswell. The Green's Family stayed at the old farm where Tom and Helen lived. Helen was surprised to see them again. Claire said, "This is my other son, Joshua. Last year, he stayed at Erasmus Jones place at Chicory Creek since he had other things to do. He got bitten by a rattlesnake at Carlsbad Cavern Park where he was hiking. Andrew gave us a message to go here. I believe that the school shooting may be the reason."

Helen replied, "I believe we probably are going to counsel them. Last night, I received a message from Abdul. He had told me that the high school was in heading for trouble. We need to get prayers for them."

Tom and Jessica came downstairs and met the Greene's Family. Tom said, "I hope you remember Jessica. We are adopting her. She the one that came from a crack cocaine mother that died. She is doing very well."

Claire replied, "Yes, we do remember her. I'm glad you are taking good care of her. She seems to be happy with you."

During the night after when Joshua fell asleep, he went out of his body and met Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa said to Joshua, "Don't be afraid, you are experiencing an astral projection. Take my hand and I'll show you around the world."

Joshua replied, "You must be an angel now. I do remember you when you have helped the poor. Do you know Andrew?"

Mother Teresa replied, "Yes, I do know Andrew. He helped me when I died. I also met these four aliens that crashed at Roswell during 1947. Their names are Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul."

Joshua was astral traveling with Mother Teresa over to India, Africa and Mexico. It was really sad to see those children starving and living in very poor conditions. Joshua returned from his astral form to his physical body. When he started to awaken, Gredul was standing next to him. Gredul put his hand around Joshua's leg and his hand glowed. He helped him with healing. Gredul said to him mentally, "Please go to the shrine with your family and pray for those children."

The next morning after the breakfast, Joshua talked about his experience during the night. Tom, Helen and the Greene Family formed a prayer circle at the shrine. They had spent half an hour of prayer and meditation for the children around the world. They also prayed for those victims of the school shooting. After the prayer and meditation, Tom, Helen and Nathaniel put their hand on Joshua to do more healing on his leg. Nathaniel said, "Your leg looks a lot better now."

Abdul channeled though Helen and said, "There are subliminal messages of hate and violence on those heavy metal music that youth is listening to. This needs to be change. Since the teens listen mostly to the hard rock and heavy metal music, the lyrics need to be change. It needs to be replaced with a positive message like peace and love. This will makes a lot of difference throughout the world. The prayers need to be returned to all schools. Another problem with youth is that there is not enough time with family. They are lacking love. Most of the parents are too busy working long hours and weekends. What needs to be done is that the children need to spend more time with parents and do things like playing some sports or go on some kind of trip. Most  important is that children get love. That's what family is about. God Bless you all."

Hattie said, "How about if we call the hospital and arrange to have those shooting victims to come down to shrine? We could give them special healing prayers."

Claire replied, "I would agree with that."

Helen replied, "I would go along with that. Mother Teresa materialized last night and gave me a message about that. I believe she has a message for them."

Two days later, all seventeen students were released from the hospital. Helen had arranged for those students to come for the healing service. Hattie said, "How about if all of us go out to the shrine and form a prayer circle?"

Helen replied, "Yes, let's get everybody out to the shrine. We should spend at least fifteen minutes on meditation."

Tom, Helen, and the Greene Family gathered around the shrine. Andrew appeared and joined the prayer circle. They were holding hands in that circle and prayed. Russell said through prayer, "Oh heavenly father, I gave thanks for the preparation to heal those children. Please help those children with strength and courage. Amen."

After the prayer, they had meditated for twenty minutes. After the meditation, Andrew commented, "I have a message for you Helen. When you give the healing service tonight, Mother Teresa is going to have a message for those children. She may take you into a trance. Those messages will be beneficial for those children."

That evening, all seventeen children came along with their parents. Two of the children were in  wheelchairs as result of spinal injuries from bullets. Russell came to the podium and said, "This shrine was built as the memory of Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul. Those are the four aliens that crashed during 1947. They came to help the mankind. Helen is now adopting Jessica. Jessica was a crack cocaine baby that was born from a crack cocaine mother. Now she is in loving hands of her foster parents. Let me introduce Helen. She will be giving you the messages."

Helen came to the podium and went into a trance. Mother Teresa channeled through Helen and said, "There are many children starving because of greed. There are so many people that don't want to give. Helping others will give you reward. People are creating gas and energy crisis for their greed. The important message is that you must love yourself. Listen to you heart. Please hug each other when you leave. This will heal your soul. Remember, peace and love begin with you. God bless you all."

Abdul channeled through Helen and said, "That so-called greed is really destroying the planet Earth. There are free energies available. There have been several inventions for alternative energy, but the greedy people are withholding that. If you listen to your heart, you can be the creator for those energies. With God, all things are possible. People must learn to share. There is a need to bring prayers back to school. There will be more UFO sightings in next few years. When you open your hearts, those space brothers will help to restore the planet Earth. That will come when people will accept and change their ways of thinking. God bless you all."

Helen came out of the trance. She was starting a healing service. Her hands glowed and were touching all other hands that were in need of healing. After the healing, they sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth."

The next day, the Greene Family went home to Chicory Creek. Those children were passing the words to others hoping the others would learn.


2nd Sequel:  Touched By an Angel/Mysterious Ways Crossover: Back to Roswell


Mother Teresa
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