TBAA/Mysterious Ways -- Back to Roswell

by William Babcock

Second Sequel to The Roswell Incident

Disclaimer: Monica, Andrew, Gloria and Tess from "Touched By an Angel" are property of Martha Williamson and CBS and Professor Declan Dunn, Peggy Fowler and Miranda from "Mysterious Ways" are property of PAX TV. Tom, Helen, Jessica (from The Roswell Incident), Bill, Larry, Sue and Diane are the characters that I have created. I have also created the alien names. The alien names are Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul. No actual names are being used from Roswell. I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated PG

Bill who teaches math came to Peggy's office at Northern University of Oregon. He brought in a tabloid paper to show to Peggy. Bill said, "My wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will have to get the chemotherapy. I just wanted to take her to Roswell. There is an article about the shrine where the UFO crashed back in 1947. My only hope of going there is to save my wife, Sue."

Peggy replied, "You can't believe those things in tabloids. Most of those are hogwash."

Bill replied, "Can't you get a substitute instructor for a week. I'm willing to take a leave of absence."

Gloria came to Peggy's office while Bill was still there. Gloria said, "There are several sick people who want to go to Roswell for healing. I am willing to substitute for Bill for a week."

Peggy went to Professor Declan to discuss the plan. Gloria came there also to discuss the plan with them. She brought two other people for healing. One of them was Larry who was crippled with arthritis and Diane had multiple sclerosis. Gloria said, "These are the two others that want to go to Roswell and there are more of them."

Declan said, "Maybe we should go there to investigate the healings at Roswell."

Andrew also came to discuss the Roswell trip with them. Andrew said, "I have been there before and have witnessed the miracles there. The couple named Tom and Helen purchased the old farm where the UFO had crashed back in 1947. They had turned that old farm into a shrine. That's when those miracles started."

Larry said, "I have been crippled with rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years and I will be happy when I free myself from arthritis."

Diane said, "I have been fighting with multiple sclerosis for several years and I feel trapped in my bed most of the time. I love to do gardening, but I can't do it anymore. Since than, I been depressed because I can't do anything any more."

Declan replied, "It sounds pretty strange to me. I'll have to see it to believe it. I even wonder if those miracles really happen."

Peggy replied, "I think that it is happening because people believe in that. Sometimes the mind just shuts off their pain."

Gloria glowed and said, "I'm an angel sent from God. I know that miracles really do happen. There are several places to go to because miracles do happen. There are places like Lourdes France, Fatima, Portugal and Sedona Arizona. People at those places have even left crutches and wheelchairs there. God really loves you. The message is we should all go to Roswell and expect the miracle."

The next day, a bus drove up to Northern University of Oregon and 36 people boarded the bus. Tess was the bus driver. Tess said, "This trip will take two days to get to Roswell. The seats will be comfortable and we'll have several stops on the way."

Two days later, the bus got to the old farm at Roswell which is owned by Tom and Helen. Helen greeted Tess, Professor Declan, Peggy and others from the bus. Peggy and Declan were amazed when they saw the aliens names on the shrine. Helen said, "Welcome back Tess, it's been a long time since I saw you. What have you been doing lately?"

Tess replied, "I'm still doing my assignments and I brought more of those people that are looking for a miracle."

Peggy asked, "What are that names Abdul, Budul, Cardul and Gredul on that shrine?"

Helen replied, "Those were the aliens that died from the UFO crash back in 1947. A couple of years ago, I was taken inside the UFO spaceship. When that happened, I was experiencing inner peace and was spiritually uplifted. That's when I started the shrine and conducted the healing services and even channeled the messages."

Helen continued to tour around the farm. Tom and Jessica came home and met the crowd. Helen said, "That's my husband Tom and my adopted daughter Jessica."

Declan asked, "Do you have any other children?"

Helen replied, "No, I adopted her when she was a new born baby. Her mother died from crack cocaine Jessica had a trace of cocaine in her blood from birth. I helped her with the healing and that's when I adopted her."

Later that day, Helen went to a podium and started to lecture to the audience. Helen explained to the audience, "It's not me that does the healing. I'm only the instrument of God that heals. You must continue with your traditional medicine. We do not guarantee miracles. There are few that happen instantaneously. It's usually a time process, which may take few weeks. You can learn how to heal yourself. I also teach Reiki Healing. This is a very good way to use to heal yourself and others."

Helen went into a trance and channeled for the audience. The channeled message said, "Hi, my name is Gredul. I come to you in love and light. I came here to Earth back in 1947 to help mankind. Unfortunately our spaceship had crashed. The important thing for miracles to happen is to forgive others. It's important that you love yourself. What happened on September 11th was very unfortunate to have terrorists attack. It's very important that all of you need to pray for world peace. Tess will be speaking to you in a moment. She is a wonderful angel and she has some words for you. God blesses all of you."

After Helen finished her channeled message, Tess came to the podium and said while glowing, "I'm an angel sent from God. The message is that God loves you. Some of you might get instantaneous healing. If you don't feel the healing right away, just be patience. You might notice the result in few days. I will be helping Helen with the healing along with three other angels. The others are Monica, Andrew and Gloria."

Monica floated up from the podium while glowing to demonstrate in front of the audience. Monica said, "Let the peace begin with you. Remember this message."

Helen went to Sue to give her healing. Her hands glowed. Sue felt the heat from her hands. Sue said tearfully, "My family had a history of breast cancer. My mother had died from breast cancer about ten yeas ago. My sister had it about three years ago and she is surviving."

Helen replied, "I know that your mother is in a better place. You might want to take Reiki Healing in the next two days. Once you learn that, you can help your sister and yourself."

Tess went to Diane and helped to heal her. Tess put her glowing hands on her and said, "It's your faith in God that heals. Just remember to love yourself for healing to take place."

Diane replied, "I sure would be happy when I could work in my garden again."

Andrew went to Larry and helped to heal him. Andrew put his glowing hands on him and said, "I'm an angel from God. God wants you to forgive your father for what he did in your past. You need to release your past where you were abused during your childhood. I even took your father to the better place."

Larry replied tearfully, "Thanks Andrew, My father was a wonderful man except he was an alcoholic. He had died from cirrhosis of the liver. I'm glad that he is in a better place."

Gloria went to Peggy and Declan and said while her head glowed, "I'm an angel sent from God. The message is that both of you can learn to heal yourself and others. You should have courses like that at your college. You might want to stay to learn how to use Reiki Healing."

Declan replied, "We'll look into that."

The next day, Helen was teaching the Reiki Healing. She lectured about the history as well the technique and uses of Reiki Healing. Helen commented, "Reiki Healing was practiced from ancient times especially from Eastern Religion. Jesus also used it which is known as laying of the hands. Anyone can learn how to heal themselves."

After the lecture, several people were practicing the Reiki Healing. Everyone practiced on each other. Peggy worked on Sue. Declan worked on Larry. Gloria worked on Diane. After that, they switched to work with each other. When Diane worked on Gloria, Diane asked, "Why did my hand feel tingling when I was healing for you?"

Gloria replied, "That's because the angel is working through you. It's a special gift. You can use it on yourself or on others."

After the session, Monica went to the podium and said while glowing, "I have a message for all of you. The healing that you have learned is a gift from God. It's really angels that do work through you. Always pray for guidance for your healing. Once you pray, the angels will work through you. I also have a message for both of you Declan and Peggy. You do have a special gift for healing. You can really teach them at your college. God bless you all."

The next day, Tess took them back home to Oregon. It took two days to get home. Peggy and Declan were talking about offering classes on healing. For the next  several weeks, Miranda took up Reiki Healing.  Diane was happy that she could do her gardening work. Sue's cancer had gone into remission. Larry's arthritic condition had improved tremendously. A student fell down the stairs and Miranda put her hand on that student's arm. Miranda said, "The paramedics are on the way. This healing I'm doing for you will help you for now, but you will need a regular medical treatment."

The next day, that student came with a cast on his arm. That student said, "My arm was broken. It was a clean fracture. Can you do more healing on it?"

Miranda replied, "Yes, I'll work on it. You might want to take up healing yourself."

As time went by, that student's arm had healed in about half of time that the doctor expected.