Seven Days/James Bond Crossover

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: Frank Parker, Craig Donovan, Olga Vukavitch, Bradley Talmadge and Nate Ramsey from "Seven Days" are property of Christopher Crowe. James Bond of 007 is property of Ian Fleming. Greg, Steve, John, Ray, Beth and Edna are the the characters that I have created. I am not making any money, and it was written only for enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated PG-13

Five terrorists named Steven, John, Ray, Beth and Edna were at the hotel. This was located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were holding everyone at the casino hostage. Steven was the head of the terrorist group. Beth went to one of the rooms on second floor by herself. James Bond kicked the door open and had his gun ready. Beth came out of the bathroom wearing only a robe. Beth said, "What are you doing in my room?"

James replied, "I'm James Bond, 007. I came to stop the terrorists and I know that you are one of them. I want information from you."

James handcuffed her to the bed. James was ready to question her. James was kissing her and asked, "I want you tell me why they are holding those people at the casino hostage. Are you carrying the bomb?"

Beth replied, "If you want to know the truth, those people kidnapped me and forced me into that. They threatened to kill my mother if I didn't comply."

James continued kissing her and said, "Thanks, I better go and stop them. Sorry, you are going to stay tied. I'm just want to make sure you don't betray me."

James Bond had entered the casino John was firing an automatic weapon at James. James fired back at John and shot him. Steve said angrily, "Drop your weapon! If they don't release Greg from prison, we are going to blow up this building with everyone in it."

James replied, "I know about Greg. He's a number one terrorist of the world. Especially after blowing up ten US embassies"

Edna said, "We are the suicide squad. When we die, everyone in this building dies."

James replied, "We'll see that Greg gets released."

Ray was holding a remote control transmitter which would detonate the bomb. A word came by a cell phone to deny the release of Greg from prison. Greg pushed the remote control button and the bomb got detonated. The hotel got blown into rubble.

Frank Parker was watching a TV news report about the terrorist bombing at a Las Vegas hotel. The news on TV said, "The hotel was reduced to rubble after the five terrorists killed at least 500 people. James Bond, known as 007, was also killed from that bombing. Those five terrorists suicided since our government denied the release of Greg from prison."

Commander Craig and Olga entered Frank's quarter. Olga called Bradley and Nate to have a brief meeting. Commander Craig, Olga and Frank went to the meeting room. Frank said, "This is one of the worst terrorist bombings since the Oklahoma bombing. This is also the great loss of 007 James Bond. He was the greatest British Secret Agent. We need to go backstep to save James Bond and 500 people from that bombing."

Commander Craig replied, "We should get that backstep operating tomorrow morning. The engineers are still doing some maintenance work on that time machine. It should be done by tomorrow morning."

Bradley commented, "We'd better find out where those terrorists come from. Maybe we should check with the British Secret Service."

Frank went back to his quarters and later Olga came to his quarters. Olga said tearfully, 'I was with James Bond several years ago on a certain mission. We were going after Russian spies in Moscow. I had enjoyed being with him."

Frank hugged her and replied, "How about have a drink with me. You'll welcome to stay with me tonight."

Olga replied, "I'm afraid I can't. I've got things to do. I hope you will succeed on the backstep to save James Bond. I'll stay for a drink and then I'll go.

The next morning, they were getting the time machine ready for a backstep. Frank kissed Olga and was getting ready to go. Olga said, "Good luck, Frank."

Frank stepped inside the sphere and was getting ready for a backstep. Frank pushed the button for a backstep and was traveling back seven days through time. After it went back seven days, the sphere landed at Valley of Fire near Las Vegas. After he came out of the sphere, Frank called back to the headquarters and headed to Las Vegas.

Seven days after the backstep, Frank went to the hotel at Las Vegas and Olga met Frank there. A security guard came to them and said, "We have a hostage situation and you must go back."

Frank showed a badge and replied, "We are NSA. And I believe that there is a bomb in this building. We'll see if we can prevent the explosion."

James Bond arrived just as Frank and Olga were getting ready to enter the building. James said to the security guard, "I'm James Bond of the British Secret Service."

Olga said to James, "Do you remember me? I was with you to go after those Russian spies at Moscow. Now I'm with NSA and we are going after these terrorists. There might be a bomb in that building. We are going to look for it so we can disarm it."

James replied, "Yes, I do remember you. As soon we finish this mission, lets go out."

Olga replied, "That's sounds good."

All three of them separated themselves. Olga went to one area of the building and Frank went to another section of the building. James went to second floor to check around. Olga saw Edna putting the bomb in place and she went out in the hall to call for Frank. Frank arrived and both of them jumped on Edna. Frank said to Edna, "We are NSA and you are under arrest."

Olga tied Edna to the chair and taped her mouth and Frank disarmed the bomb. A call came over a two way radio and a voice said, "Is the bomb ready Edna ?"

Olga replied through the radio, imitating Edna, "Yes, it's ready."

A security guard grabbed Edna and hauled her to the security office. Frank, Olga and three more security guards went to the casino. John was firing shots at James, but missed him. Frank, Olga and three security guards with their guns ready arrived. Frank said, "This is NSA Put down your weapons! You're all under arrest."

Ray replied, "I've got a bomb in that building and I'm willing to press that remote control to blow this place with everyone in this building."

Frank replied, "Sorry, this bomb is disarmed and I've got it right here."

Ray pushed the remote control button and nothing happened. John was pointing his gun at Frank and Olga shot gun off John's hand. Olga said to all the hostages, "Please leave the building and don't panic. You'll be OK."

The police officers came and arrested all five terrorists. Frank said, "Now we can go home."

Olga replied, "I promised James a date. I would like to have a day off to be with him."

After James had dinner with Olga, he took Olga to his room and they romanced and kissed each other and stayed all night.