treeTBAA/Twice Upon a Christmas Crossover

by William Babcock

Disclaimer: Monica, Andrew, Tess and Gloria from "Touched By an Angel" are the property of Martha Williamson and CBS. Bill, Brittany and Kyle Morgan; Santa, Clara, Kristin and Rudolfa Claus from "Twice Upon a Christmas" and "Once Upon a Christmas" are the property of PAX TV.   I am not making any money, and it was written only for the enjoyment for myself and other fans.

Rated G

sled December 2000: candy cane
The Morgan family and Kristin spent the night at the old abandoned house after Rudolfa ran their car off the road by turning herself into a reindeer.  Rudolfa turned herself back into a human and laughed. Tess suddenly appeared in front of her. Tess said to Rudolfa angrily, "Rudolfa! You'll not get away with spoiling Christmas for that family. God wants you to go back to the North Pole and help Santa. I know that you have altered that machine to make some naughty when they are actually good. Stop converting children to be naughty."

Rudolfa replied, "Ha ha. I'm only making this happen as a Christmas Fool. I'm tired of working so hard for my father. It's time for my revenge. Now its time to turn you into reindeer ... or should I turn you into rat? This will be fun."

Tess replied, "You can't turn angels into animals. You just come with me. I'm taking you back to the North Pole where you belong." They disappeared together.

The old abandoned house had caught on fire. After the people got out, Kyle was not breathing. Kyle had floated out of his body and met Andrew. Andrew said, "Hi, Kyle! I'm Andrew. I'm an Angel of Death. It's not your time yet to die. You must fight back. Your dad needs you. Keep your faith in God."

Kyle woke back into consciousness. Bill was stunned and was glad Kyle was still alive. Kyle said, "I really met an angel. His name is Andrew. He is an Angel of Death and he told me to come back. The place was very beautiful. I wanted to stay there, but it wasn't my time yet. I hope you will believe me."

Bill replied, "I thought I had lost you. I'll promise you that we will have Christmas trees from now on. We'll see that we spend more time together."

Kristin replied to Kyle, "I do believe in angels. I've met them before."

Bill and Kristin fell in love and Kristin became mortal. Andrew and Gloria came over in the tow truck. They pulled their car and got it going again. Andrew and Gloria both glowed. Gloria said, "We are an angels sent from God. I want to let you know that God loves you. Your car will run now and you can go home."

The Morgan family and Kyle went home. Andrew said to Gloria, "Bill should be happy to be with Kristin. The only bad news is that Kristin won't remember that she is the daughter of Santa Claus since she has become mortal."

reindeer December 2001:
Monica, Gloria, Tess and Andrew were standing in front of Morgan's home. Gloria asked, "Didn't we have an assignment with Morgan's family last year? Am I going to have an assignment with them again?"

Tess replied, "No, your assignment is going to be at the North Pole and you are going to help Santa. His daughter named Rudolfa is going to spoil Christmas for everyone. I have my assignment with Rudolfa."

Tess said to Monica, "Your assignment is Kristin. She became mortal last year and you are going to help her to remember who she is. She is getting ready to marry Bill."

Monica replied, "I just have noticed that Bill looks a lot like Andrew. I'll be happy with this assignment."

Monica knocked on the door at Morgan's family home. Kristin answered the door. Monica said, "Hi! I'm Monica. You called me for counseling, hoping that you will remember who you really are."

Kristin replied, "So far, when I went to hypnotist, only thing that came to my mind was lots of snow."

Brittany came and showed Kristin and Monica the doll. Brittany said, "I just got this doll from the North Pole. There has been an ad on TV selling pieces of the North Pole."

Brittany turned on a TV and the ad from Rudolfa came on again.  Kristin was stunned to see Rudolfa on TV.  Something from the past occurred to her and she was still confused. Monica stopped time and glowed. Kristin asked, "Who are you and why is everything standing still?"

Monica replied, "I'm an angel sent from God.  That doll Brittany showed is really your doll when you were a child. That is your sister on TV. She is really trying to sell all the pieces from North Pole and replace it with casino.  If that happens, there will be no Christmas. You see that the time is frozen. This is the way that Santa does it on Christmas Eve to deliver presents all over the world in such a short time. You still have your magical powers and you need to believe this message!"

Bill came home and Kristin told him about remembering her past. Bill, Kristin, Kyle and Brittany  formed a circle and used Kristen's magic to get to the North Pole. All except Bill got to North Pole and were saddened to see what that place looked like. Andrew appeared and said, "Hi, I'm an angel. It's up to you to help to save the North Pole."

Kyle replied, "I remember you. You were the angel of death when you came to me last year. You sure look like my dad."

Andrew replied, "Yes that was me. I'm glad that you are doing a lot better. This must be a coincidence that I look like your dad.  There are angels that do look like some humans."

Gloria appeared to Santa and Clara.  Santa said, "Who are you? I have never seen you before."

Gloria replied while glowing, "I'm an angel sent from God. Don't give up.  There are children relying on you. The North Pole is not disappearing because you are too old. Your daughter Rudolfa is responsible for disappearance. She has been selling the pieces of North Pole to be replaced with a casino."

Clara replied, "We're certainly not going to let that happen."

Tess appeared at front of Rudolfa while she was doing a TV ad. She pulled the plug to get it off the air. Tess said angrily, "That's enough of that stuff! Stop hurting those children! You are not getting away with that this time!"

Rudolfa replied, "Ha ha, its you again. I'll use those children for my casino. They will either obey me or I'll turn them into pigs."

Tess grabbed Rudolfa and showed her the future which would be Christmas of 2002. The children was very unhappy with her and her casino was a complete failure. It turned out that nobody would come. Then Tess took her to the cemetery and showed her the name on the grave. Tess said, "This is your future if you do this. So you'd better change."

Kristin announced over TV to get everyone to believe and to have them return every piece of the North Pole. Bill somehow got to the North Pole to join his family. The pieces of the North Pole had returned and the North Pole had been restored.

Bill and Kristin got married. Bill and his family had agreed for all of them to go to the North Pole to help Santa every year around Christmas.  Monica said to the other three angels, "Maybe we could check on them every year."

Tess replied, "I probably will have to keep my eye on Rudolfa every year."

angelTHE END 3 wise men