by: William Babcock

Have these creatures been around before the dawn of man or are they from another planet? From reported sightings, the bigfoot may be from a family of apes. They generally range from seven to nine feet tall and the tracks are about thirteen to fourteen inches long. They have an apelike appearance and appear to live in the wilderness. There are several names for the bigfoot. In the western states, they call it Sasquatch named by the Indian Tribes. In the Himalayas, they have called it Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. They have called it also Skunk Ape in Florida and Sandman in the desert.

In California, there have been many sightings of Bigfoot, especially in Northern California. In Bluff Creek and Mt. Shasta area, there have been many sightings. In Southern California, there have been many sightings in the San Gabriel Mountains and some in the San Bernardino Mountains. One such sighting has occurred near Alpine, California and come out in the California deserts where they know the creature as Sandman. Pacific Northwest is a very common area for a bigfoot sighting. There have been several sightings around the Columbia River and Puget Sound. Most of the Bigfoot sightings may be living in the Cascade Mountain Range.

In Florida, they know the bigfoot as Skunk Ape. Skunk Ape sightings occur near Fort Lauderdale and the Miami swamps. Most of these sightings may be on the gulf side of Florida especially between Fort Meyers and Tampa.

In the Himalayas Mountains, there have been many bigfoot sightings there. They have known the creature as Yeti. Many scientists have been investigating the activity of bigfoots. Some scientists have seen Bigfoots in a family suggesting that there are several of them.

There is also a three-toed bigfoot, which leaves footprints. They have sighted the three-toed bigfoot around Bogey Creek near Foulk, Arkansas. They have called it Foulk Monster. They have made a documentary movie called "Legend of the Boggy Creek."

Many believe that these bigfoot creatures have been around for many centuries or even millions of years. According to the Bible, when Moses' lead the Hebrews to the Promised Land, there were giants. This could account for the bigfoot legend. There are also many U.F.O. sightings in the area where there are bigfoots. Some speculate that they may be intelligent creatures from another planet or from the "Inner Earth" which may be hollow.

Bigfoot cast that I'm holding
This is a bigfoot cast that I'm holding

Back in the early ’70s, I took the trip going to Portland to visit my parents. I stopped at Shasta Lake campground for a night. I took my dog with me on that trip. That dog looked like Benji real shaggy. During the night, my dog was barking, and I heard something out in the woods. I first thought maybe the bear was out there. After my dog quiet for a minute or two, A white ghostly figure shot up on a tree and my dog barked wildly and stopped. I was a little startled, but I didn’t sense anything evil. I suspect this was a sacred area which has been known for a spiritual area around Mt. Shasta. Recently, I did a pendulum test for that experience. What I got is that was a bigfoot out in that area, I didn’t see that bigfoot and the ghostly figure was the bigfoot are multidimensional being. One of my uncles has been doing investigation for bigfoot at Pacific Northwest. He showed me the bigfoot cast and the broken twig. (See photo above)

Video from  my uncle Jim Hewkin lectures on bigfoot