by: William Babcock

There are many types of UFOs. The most common type is usually saucer shaped which is called a flying saucer. There also is a cigar shaped UFO and spherical shaped UFO. UFOs usually come from other planets. However, there are some from the Inner Earth and some are government made. Some believe that there possibly may be some time travelers from the future of Earth or from parallel worlds on the UFOs.

There have been many encounters with space beings coming to Earth on UFOs. For example, George Adamasky of the San Diego area was taken to planet Venus back in the early 1950's and he has been a contactee with space beings ever since. Betty and Barney Hill of New Hampshire have been taken aboard a UFO and were placed by space beings on an examining table. There have been many cases of people being abducted and going under physical examination. When they are returned, they do not remember the event until they go under hypnosis. There are biblical written recordings of encounters, one of which is in Ezekiel first chapter. The Virgin Mary may also have been abducted to give birth to baby Jesus at a later time.

With the passing of time, there have been more and more UFO sightings and encounters. The space beings from the UFOs are bringing messages to us to teach people to bring peace to our planet Earth. Space beings have been warning us of nuclear war and pollution. They are also preparing the planet Earth for the coming of the New Age.

UFOs have been around since the biblical times. They have been around since the turn of the twentieth century. UFO activity has definitely increased since World War II.

Image created by William Babcock

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