My Dream Experience

by William Babcock

Term Papers on Dreams was created on January of 1988 for my class at Mesa College at San Diego, California.

I dream a lot but my dreams are not always consistent. Sometimes they are prophetic and other times they are of the past. Lately however, they have been reflections of my metaphysical studies. I have been writing down my dreams in the past few years. I also share my dreams in metaphysics class which I go to at the church. I have studied Edgar Cayce's books on dreams in which he lists dream interpretations. I seem to use the Cayce approach over those of Freud and Jung. By studying dreams, I have learned to understand myself and others better.


On April of 1980, I was dreaming about Mt. St. Helens eruption. I was driving through Kelso, Washington; then Mt. St. Helens erupted shooting rocks at us, then I woke up. On May 18, 1980; that when Mt. St. Helens erupted shooting steam and ash thousands of feet into the atmosphere. On January of 1981, I was dreaming that I was watching President Reagan parading down the street and I saw a gun pointing at Reagan from behind the bushes, then I woke up. Several weeks after that dream, I heard the news about the attempted assassination on President Reagan. On February of 1987, I was dreaming about when I was at Height Ashbury in San Francisco after the earthquake. The buildings were badly damaged and the overpass had collapsed. After I woke up, I did believe it was a coming event; however the time was not foretold in my dreams. It is also possible that the massive prayers and meditation may have prevented it.

UPDATE 9-9-91 Since I had written this term paper, the prophetic dream about San Francisco earthquake had occurred on October of 1989. There was a section where buildings were badly damage and the collapsed of Nimitz Freeway skyway.

Nimitz Freeway
Collapsed Namitz Freeway Skyway

Several years ago, I was dreaming that I was watching an opera. During the Second Act, they were singing and doing roles on séances and UFO encounters. During the Third Act, they were singing the prophesy of volcanic eruptions, earthquake, and the pole shift. Shortly after that dream, I was reading the Revelation in the Bible and it appeared to confirm with my dream. This prophesy related to that dream has been written in Revelation four and five. These prophesies also have been foretold by Nostradamus and recently by Edgar Cayce, an American mystic.


One night, several years ago, I was dreaming that I was on the island "Krakatoa." I knew that it was going to blow up from volcanic eruption, then I woke up. After I woke up, I realized that I was experiencing something from my previous life. I believe that we have previous lives. Regarding my previous life, I also remember when I was in third and fourth grade, I was constantly drawing an erupting volcano. I went to psychic fair at the church at Fort Lauderdale, Florida one day to get a past life reading. It did confirm my dream, and the reader has mention that I was working on the canoe and my grandfather was a mystic and foretold about the destruction of Krakatoa.

UPDATE 10-6-2013
Several Months ago, I have gone to Past Life Workshop and I was killed at age of 15 during eruption of Krakatoa.


I have been studying the phenomena about UFO and contacting interplanetary beings. I had been going to UFO lecture and went to sky watch. These phenomena are more on preparing for the coming of the New Age and also has Biblical descriptions. One night about couple years ago, I had gone up some hill and I saw that an UFO spaceship had landed. I met a female like being coming out of the spaceship, then I woke up. I have recognized as a spaceship from Venus according to illustration in some of the books on UFO. Several months later, I had read one of the books about George Adamsky's encounters, and I found the picture of the being was exactly as in my dream. I went to psychic fair on November of 1987 at our church and spoke with one of the readers who does some channeling with interplanetary beings. The reader told me that the being, which was shown in my dream, was a spirit teacher from Venus and was part of my spiritual development. One of my other UFO related dream was that my wife and I were on the hill looking at the sky. There came an UFO spaceship flashing red and blue light rays at my wife. The lights had a temporary blinding effect on her, but it had a healing effect on her paralyzed right side. This could be a future prophesy on miracle healing for my wife. Another of the UFO related dream was that my wife was taken into the spaceship and went onto the examining table. My wife fought back. She did not want to get on the examining table which I somehow knew that these space beings were doing some type of healing on her paralyzed right side. My wife had been shot in her head on January of 1975 at Tallahassee, Florida resulting in the paralyzing of the right side. She has to wear a brace and walk with a cane. I had been foretold by several psychics that her paralyzed right side would be temporary and that miraculous healing would take place in the future. Those two UFO related dreams may have been a message about this forthcoming healing.

UFO in dream
UFO Encounter in my dream


Once in a while, I'll have a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you are dreaming. I have had a couple of lucid dreams about my grandfather who passed away in late 1960's. In my dream, I talked to my grandfather and I knew that he was in the spirit world, but I was aware I was dreaming. I believe that he was giving me some message about spiritual growth even though I don't remember what he said. I had a similar dream that I was talking to John F. Kennedy and I was aware that I was dreaming. It's been several years ago that I had that dream. I knew that he was in the spirit world but I also don't remember what he said. On February of 1971, I was living at Long Beach, California. I was dreaming about going to convention to listen to Jeanne Dixon's predictions. Jeanne Dixon is a well known psychic. When she was getting ready to give predictions, I woke up with some kind of awareness. Then one minute later, a big earthquake shook. That was the earthquake that caused a lot of damage in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.


I have been a healing practitioner for several years. I also have two healing certificate; one from a church at Fort Lauderdale, Florida and other from a church at National City, California. I do aura and magnetic healing and laying on the hands, which are some types of healing that Jesus performed and taught. One of my dream was that someone was badly injured in a car accident. I dreamed that I performed healing energy to an accident victim and I shouted "Yahweh" which is a Hebrew meaning God. My other dream was that a pedestrian was hit by a car and was seriously injured. Then I performed healing energy and shouted "Yahweh" once again. I also had a dream about doing exorcism on a sailor. He was possessed by an earthbound spirit. So I performed exorcism to lead that spirit to the light. This type of exorcism in a dream is practiced commonly by mediums, which help to get the undesirable spirits toward the light of God. I do not practice exorcism since it is a dangerous practice and it should be done by more experience mediums.


On April of 1987, I was dreaming that I was on a bus tour. I was riding on the back seat of the bus. I was looking out the rear window of the bus. We went through a ghost town called "Durante" somewhere out in the California desert. When we went through the town, two ghosts hopped into the luggage compartment of the bus. I gave the sign of the cross toward them and since the sign didn't have any effect, I knew those ghosts were not evil.


Sometime in 1987, I was dreaming about telling a story about someone who was taken into UFO spaceship. After he returned from a spaceship, he performed miracle healing. I have at times told this story. I've been thinking about writing an essay story about that UFO healing miracle.


Several years ago, I woke up with an inspirational thought coming from me. (See Inspiration page)


I have been using this inspirational thought for healing prayers and meditation.

More on Dream Experience

(These dream was written after I done my term paper)

These are more dreams since after writing term paper for Mesa College. I don't remember the dates when I had these dreams. It may be shortly after term paper to couple of months ago. It will be in order from earliest to latest. Some of these happened from few years to few weeks. I don't get any dated to occur. Between 1988 - 2013, I haven't written dates on dream. Those without dates, the dream experience occurred in chronological order.


One night, I was dreaming about baby seal screaming for help, when they were being slaughtered for furs. I believe that these seals are suffering from trauma from being slaughtered, and probably was picking up telepathic message from seal.


Back in late 80's, I had a dream about riots due to welfare cuts. There wasn't one so far on. When there was threaten to cut Social Security, it could be a warning if this does happen.

Update: 1-16-2021
Since riots are happening now which started when Black Lives Matter and recently at the White House, there was something in news on cuts. Last few years, there were cuts on many low-income programs including Section 8 voucher which has a cause a housing crisis


One night, I had a dream when the weather was warm and sunny and it suddenly changed to snowstorm. This may happen when we have a pole shift. There is prophesying of pole shift from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Zeta Talk. If this happens, tidal wave would hit Florida shortly since many psychics have been predicting that in last 30 years. See Zeta Talk on Florida.


One night, I had a dream of earthquake in either at Sacramento Valley or at Imperial Valley. A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck on Easter Sunday in Baja California. People in San Diego felt the quake, which was, centered about 19 miles southeast of Mexicali. Mexican authorities say at least one person died and several buildings have collapsed. In San Diego, the damage was minimal. This would be felt at Imperial Valley.


One night, I had a dream being at third world country in old shabby house. There was singing of "Open Up Your Pearly Gates" and then a big earthquake shake very badly. December 26, 2004 at 7:58:53 local time, a strong earthquake hit the island of Sumatra (Indonesia). The magnitude 9.1-9.3 earthquake lasted unusual long with 8-10 minutes and displaced an estimated 1.600-kilometer long segment of the seafloor by 15 meter. The water column above this segment was first pushed up and generated then a series of four waves travelling in opposite directions. Fifteen minutes after the earthquake the first tsunami hit the coast of Sumatra. Then suddenly a large single wave approaches, followed later by an even faster and bigger wave. The tsunami travelled for 8 hours across the entire Indian Ocean, bringing destruction and death to the coasts of Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and flooding almost completely the smaller islands in the Indian Ocean. The tsunami of Christmas 2004 killed more than 230.000 people and even more were injured.


One night, I had a dream when I turn the switch off and gone into three days in darkness. I consider the prophesy on pole shift in the future. Zeta Talk had mention three days of darkness during pole shift. Zeta Talk on pole shift. There is no date and time for a coming of pole shift. There will be signs.


One night, I had a dream being on Earth at higher dimension and went through a portal to third dimension Earth. When I got there, it was very devastation more like from nuclear war or from nuclear power plant explosion caused by the survivors from pole shift. When I went through the portal back to higher dimension, it was like a paradise. I believe this will happen after the pole shift and those like service to others and grown spiritually will shift into 5th dimension. I had shared this dream at San Diego UFO Society and one of ET contactee told many of us to look up on New Jerusalem from the Bible. I found the New Jerusalem in the Bible and it was something in my dream. Revelation 21:1-27 (English Standard Version). The two dream was a three days of darkness from pole shift and the other one was when I went through doorway from higher dimension to lower one and it was dark like there was nuclear war and there was no life. This may be the second death. When I went back into higher dimension, it is much better place. This has to be a new heaven and new Earth, which may be the Earth of fifth dimension. This would be after pole shift.


One night, I had dream of cracks and sinkholes at Florida. This is my latest dream prediction. There have been many locations of cracks and locations. There are several different locations that did happen from Zeta Talk on Cracks & Sinkhole.

Update: 8-12-2013
There was a big sinkhole that swallowed resort hotel at Florida on news this evening. Luckily no one was killed.

Update: 11-16-2013
Another sinkhole swallowed couple homes near Orlando, Florida. Two homes was condemn and had to be demolished. Sinkhole was about 90 feet wide and 50 feet deep. It happened couple days ago.


7-20-2013: I had a dream of flash flood near Olympia Washington. It could be anywhere around Puget Sound. It didn't show me whether it was from flooding rainstorm or possibility of flooding from Nisqually River which can happen from Mt Rainier eruption.


6-21-2014: I had a dream that there was a bee swam which was near me and some kind of military or militia. I somehow use my faith to direct the bee swam away from me. This may be the warning that military or militia might be attack by bee swam. This may be a warning on sending military troops out to fight civil war in other countries or against the evil military or militia forces.


10-4-2015: I had a dream that sudden wind gust came and lost electricity. Before that it appears to that wind coming in opposite direction. It's likely it could be a hurricane. Last couple of years, there was hurricanes off coast of Mexico and came close to San Diego after downgrading as low pressure. On February 1st, 2016, Devastating' damaged many homes and many of trees down with the sudden gust of over 60 miles per hour.


10-20-2015: I had a dream of rainstorm at border of Mexico and San Diego County. It got darker and raining. When I woke up, I suspect this may be due to El Nino.  After the several years of drought, this could be deluge. My advice is to get prepared for this big rainstorm. Since the El Nino is here this year, it's likely will come even I don't have the date of this storm.


7-22-2016: I had a dream about flooding rainstorm at San Diego, California. Creek was rising and water was rising inside the building. The possibility is that Tropical Storm coming from coast of Mexico or severe Monsoon storm.

Update: 1-20-2017
There was a deluge with very heavy rain and flash flood came along Chollas Creek and the water was rising on first floor of apartment complex.


8-16-2016: I had a dream being at Message Circle and the young girl was sitting by me. She was getting message. This young girl asked to get rid of her old self after killing someone and replace with her new self. She was getting tired and going to sleep. I was sending out energy to her. This may be a telepathic message from her asking for healing  and possibly she needs to forgive.


9-5-2016: I had a dream of doing Auric Healing and there was some kind of force from that preventing for me to heal that person. I suspect that either that person won't accept healing or have a negative force.


10-3-2016: I had a dream of the lake which is underwater volcano.  There was demolished building which may be going for development. At the lake, there was steam coming out of lake.  Children was going to school that day. Then the underwater volcano erupted even after children gone to school. When I woke up, I didn’t have the location. Later that night, I was suspecting it might be somewhere at Mammoth mountain.  Later, I tried using my crystal pendulum and got it at Mono Lake. Mono Lake is known to be a super volcano and as my dream, it erupted as normal type volcano


Two times in my life, I had that dream with the song playing "Walk with Me" by Judith Durham who is the lead singer of The Seekers. Music video with lyrics


10-29-2016: I had a dream about something flying slowly with some type of symbol which was something evil. I was out in country and covered my head so I was protected. I hadn’t figure that out when I woke up. When I saw the news, and posting on Facebook about protesting against putting oil pipeline through sacred site at Standing Rock, North Dakota.  I did my crystal pendulum on this issue and I got the warning about disturbing the sacred site. The warning is those that disturbing this site by bulldozing and installing Dakota Access Pipeline would bring curse to those workers. There was similar type of curse when the workers open the King Tut Tomb and took the treasure. All of them had died from disturbing the King Tut Tomb.


11-18-2016: I had a dream about the clouds in the sky. It suddenly clear out and the clouds build up rapidly. I first thought it might be caused from HAARP and then it transforms as the city in the sky. When I woke up, New Jerusalem came into my mind.  There are New Jerusalem in scripture: Revelation 21 and Isaiah 65:17-25.


1-23-2017:  I had a dream when I was at Mt. Rainier and saw a burnt area from wildfire. I started to hike through the burnt area and couldn’t see trail throughout burnt area. I continued to hike which is now off trail into the area that was not burn. It came to my mind when I woke up that it was near Longmire area.

Update: 10-12-2021
I have done a loop hike into the burnt area from Multnomah Falls. I did go through burnt areas which are from Eagle Creek Fire. Both Mt. Rainier and Columbia River Gorge are my two favorite hiking areas. This dream is at Pacific Northwest.


2-28-2017:  I had a dream when I went out for event.  All suddenly, a big windstorm with rain came.  The wind was quite strong. I did a pendulum and I got this as either tropical or hurricane coming from Baha California.


3-13-2017: I had a dream about a fire in elevator at Sears It had bunt hole on elevator shaft where elevator runs up or down. I don’t have any location so it could be at any Sears store or Sears Tower.


7-21-2017: I had a dream of wildfire at Tacoma Washington and there was someone suspicious to start another fire near there. I did a pendulum test and I got this warning would happen like wildfire in many cities close to park or open space by arsonists.

Update: 12-25-2017
I did the pendulum test on Eagle Creek Fire at Columbia River Gorge last September and got yes as one of the fires which a kid started from fireworks.


9-4-2017:  I had a dream which became lucid dream. I started with a dream that stairs were going down and it is dead end and stairs had no railing. When I came up from stairs, there was sudden flooding throughout the city. I did a crystal pendulum to unlock this dream. I got this which I am predicting is the hurricane would hit the east coast and will require evacuation. The stairs going nowhere means it will be unsafe if you don’t evacuate

Update: 9-18-2017
Week after the Labor Day, Florida had a major damage especially at Florida Keys.  It even had record level of floods.


11-13-2017: I had a dream that I got used Volvo which came out later years. When I turn on windshield wipers, it asked my name and after I tried to enter my name, it came back asking again. I did the crystal pendulum test and now I am predicting they’ll be inventing smart car. It will ask for your name, addresses and even password. You might be using your password to start your car. According my crystal pendulum test, Volvo will be the one that will invent smart car. This may tie in with driverless car.


1-22-2018: I had a dream when I was walking at San Diego, CA. There was some kind of clouds coming to San Diego and someone said, volcano had erupted. Then ashes was coming down and when I got inside the house, there was a wind storm and something hit the window which didn't break. I suspect the warning is from volcano near Salton Sea. There are four butts and runs near San Andrew Fault. There was a report of muddy pits on  San Diego news. Video


2-21-2018: I had a dream that I saw a back smoke and very explosive out from my window. It appears to be down in Baja California Mexico. I suspect it could be either major structure fire or from the recycling plant.


4-27-2018: I had a dream about the big earthquake at mountain somewhere. There was a slide coming down the hill and was hiking trail and foot bridge was ready to slide down the hill. When the dream got to city, there was a big earthquake. I didn’t get the location in dream, but I did a pendulum test and it came up as Nepal. This may be the second big earthquake or a big aftershock from pervious earthquake which came on April 2015. The city in dream is more likely Kathmandu.


5-19-2018: I had a dream of strange cloud formations. The cloud was streaming around and there seems to be a portal. This may have to do with bizarre cloud formations above the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could be shock proof the world's biggest experiment is about to tear open a portal to another dimension.
New Jerusalem
This is the closest what I saw in my dream forming from cloud.


6-21-2018: I had a dream being at Portland Oregon. There was water rising and got flooded and then the water was going down. It looks like flash flood. The possibilities are heavy rainstorm causing flooding or possible volcanic eruption from Mt Hood which could bring flash flood coming from Hood River coming down the Columbia River.


6-15- 2019: I had a dream that I was walking along Chollas Creek, there was water coming down the hill. Then there was a flash flood coming down the Chollas Creek. It’s likely the dam at Chollas Lake could break causing flash flood running down the drainage and into Chollas Creek. Someone I know thinks there may be a crack on the dam which hasn’t been checked for a long time.


3-29-2020: I had a dream spirit communication of Rosa Parks which she is well known as an American activist in the civil rights movement best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott. I was next to her and I had asked about when she played on Touched by an Angel in the year 1999. She said it was many years ago.
Rosa Parks on a Montgomery bus on December 21, 1956, the day Montgomery's public transportation system was legally integrated. Behind Parks is Nicholas C. Chriss, a UPI reporter covering the event.


5-14-2020: I had a dream that I was looking out from the apartment window and tornado was forming and I suddenly woke up. I live in Portland, OR and this could happen even it rarely gets tornados. It could be anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Update: 6-14-2020
There was on the news that tornado touched down at Damascus Oregon which was EF-0 and the minor damage was mininal. It is approximately 20 miles south-east from Portland.

Update: 11-10-2020
A small tornado touched down in St. Helens Oregon on Tuesday afternoon, causing minor damage to several homes and toppling trees. The EF-0 tornado started along Pittsburg Road from Robinette Road around 12:20 p.m. and traveled about 1.7 miles east toward McBride Elementary School, according to the National Weather Service


10-24-20: I had a dream that I was in a bedroom and, there was a green mist on a bed. Two of the girls knew this was a ghostly figure and considering helping to get this spirit into the light, and I said I'll come to help. The green mist had transformed into a ghost of a young girl. I woke up before I would help to get this young girl into the light.


11-2-2020: I had a dream when I was riding on bus and the bus driver left the seat to fix the sign on side. When bus go right and stop at bus stop. I suspect this may be the future of self-driving bus. There’s already self-driving car out. Therefore, I am predicting for the self-driving bus will be sometime in the future.


1-21-2021: I had a dream that there was an explosion and I saw a smoke coming from sea. The boat left the scene after explosion. I did the pendulum test, and I got the someone from the boat did this as terrorist. I did get this near San Diego area.


 5-7-2021: I had a dream when I am home in Pacific Northwest with my dog, suddenly a big gusty windstorm came. I had to move away from window with my dog. This windstorm is like the one that happened on Columbus Day in Portland which is now known as bomb cyclone. I had experience during the Columbus Day Storm. I remember the barometer was dropping very rapidly before the big windstorm came. It’s a good idea to have barometer apps on your cell phone.

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