Amateur Radio

Image created by William Babcock
Image created by William Babcock

I have been a ham radio operator since early 1960's, I started with WA7ALG when I was living at Portland, Oregon. In 1967, I moved to California and got WB6ZDQ. In 1974, I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and got WA4LRM. When I moved back to California, I surprisingly still have the same call.

Ham shack Photos : My old photos of my ham shack back in late 60's plus my other photos.

Babylon 5: Intergalatic Amateur Radio : My fanfiction story relating to Amateur Radio.

The QRZ Callsign Database Lookup Form

ARRL Palomar

AC6V's : Guide To San Diego Ham Radio

Handiham : Amateur Radio for people with disabilities

Amateur Radio UFO Networks : This is good for those interested in subject for UFOs.

Treasure Valley Radio Association : an amateur radio club serving ham radio operators in Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Home of dedicated amateur radio operators pursuing their hobby.