More Photos!!

Lion Country Safari
This was taken at Lion Country Safari at Florida back in late 70's. I was holding a lion cub.

New Era Camp
This was taken at New Era Spiritualist Camp near Canby, Oregon back in 80's. Can you see spirit behind my wife?

Me at Morena Butte This photo was taken when I was hiking with Walkabout group on January 17, 1998. This hike was at Morena Butte with a view of Morena Lake.

ham shackMy old ham shack located at Portland, Oregon back in late 60's. I had NCX-3 at that time. My former call was WA7ALG

having QSOI was having QSO back in 60's from Portland, Oregon. This was earlier than the one above with older equipment DX60

Bill at poolI was at swimming pool at our Mobile Home Park at San Diego

This dog name Moses that I have adopted after fire broke out in our neighbors home caused by cigarette. Our friend died in fire along with her cockatoo. I know her well which she had COPD and continued smoking even with oxygen tank. I have been walking her dog for several months before fire broke out from cigarette and Moses was lucky to escape when someone broke in attempt to save her. When I was walking this dog, he was slow and hesitant due to second hand smoke. Now he is much more energetic and doing much better. Now he lives with us in smoke free environment.