My Spiritual Life

One night during my childhood, there were ghostly figure children hopping over my bed and I was amazed, not scary. I never said anything like this to my parents. Many children are known to see things during the young years and when they tell their parent, the parents give them negative feedback and warn them about that. I consider those experience during childhood as normal and more likely could be developed spiritually. I’m glad I never told my parents about that experience.

Back in the early ’70s, I took the trip going to Portland to visit my parents. I stopped at Shasta Lake campground for a night. I took my dog with me on that trip. That dog looked like Benji real shaggy. During the night, my dog was barking, and I heard something out in the woods. I first thought maybe the bear was out there. After my dog quiet for a minute or two, A white ghostly figure shot up on a tree and my dog barked wildly and stopped. I was a little startled, but I didn’t sense anything evil. I suspect this was a sacred area which has been known for a spiritual area around Mt. Shasta. Recently, I did a pendulum test for that experience. What I got is that was a bigfoot out in that area, I didn’t see that bigfoot and the ghostly figure was the bigfoot are multidimensional being. One of my uncles has been doing investigation for bigfoot at Pacific Northwest. He showed me the bigfoot cast and the broken twig. I do have a photo the bigfoot cast I was holding. I do have him on one of his lectures on bigfoot on my YouTube.

Back in the late ’70s, I was doing watching my face on the mirror with a lit candle. I had learned this exercise from self-hypnosis class to see my face changes as for past life. This kind of exercise has been known to see your teachers and guides, accented masters or other light beings. While I was doing this, I first surrounded myself with white Christ light. This was when the face of Jesus appeared. This more likely this was transfigured. I did recently do my pendulum test and I got this was my life during the time of Jesus. I went through the Bible and did more of pendulum test and I got that I was one of two blind men and I was the son of David.

I started to take spiritual development class back in the late ’70s at Inner Light Metaphysical Center and received the certificate on October 9th, 1979. That’s when I started to do healings. I had received the healing certificate on March 21st, 1982. On fall of 1982, we moved to Chula Vista and became a member of First Christian Spiritualist church at National City. I continued to do healings there and I received the Healing Minister’s Certificate on July 15th, 1984. Back in the early ’90s, I started to come to the First Spiritualist Church of San Diego since it was close where I live after moving to San Diego. I had received the healing paper from the First Spiritualist Church of San Diego on October 9th, 2005. I had taken Reiki Healing level 1 and 2

My Lecture at First Spiritualist Church of San Diego on October 28th, 2018

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