Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic

This is the demonstration of Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics. Rev. Marcella Jones from First Spiritualist Church demonstrated on Bill Babcock Yuen Method is the ancient healing arts from China.

Chollas Creek


This news video is from KGTV news with Marti Emerald from San Diego, CA. This is the story taken on April 27th 2007 just the day before 5th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup. Bill Babcock and Morgan from I Love a San Diego did the story is about trash from illegal dumping and from transients. This is at Chollas Creek near 47th Street and Fairmount Avenue where there have been an illegal dumping and trash that's been around for a long time. I (Bill Babcock) got involved on monthly cleanup at Chollas Creek which is sponsored by Sierra Club Canyons Campaign. I am also the leader of Friends of Chollas Creek 47th Street.

This is the removal of invasive non-native plants mainly Arundo Donax. This was done on October 25th 2008, This is done as Friends of Chollas Creek, San Diego Canyons and Sierra Club.

Our Dogs

This dog name Moses that I have adopted after fire broke out in our neighbors home caused by cigarette. Our friend died in fire along with her cockatoo. I know her well which she had COPD and continued smoking even with oxygen tank. I have been walking her dog for several months before fire broke out from cigarette and Moses was lucky to escape when someone broke in attempt to save her. When I was walking this dog, he was slow and hesitant due to second hand smoke. Now he is much more energetic and doing much better. Now he lives with us in smoke free environment. In loving memory November 1998 - October 2010

This is the new dog that we adopted. He is three years old as of October 2010 when we started to adopt him. We adopted this dog about a week after we had to put Moses to sleep due to illness. Leon does kind of dances when ready to go for walk, feed him or want to play.

This is the way for our Dog Leon not to beg at the table. We do that by putting plate down on the floor and eat the left over or even lick the plate. This was a plastic plate from TV dinner.